towel colors

What Your Favorite Towel Colors Have to Say About You

Towels are having several colors and are designed with various patterns.Do you know what your favorite color is? You should ensure that you have chosen the right color of the towel before buying it.

What does the color of the towel say about you?

The favorite color explains your behavior and character traits.

Towel’s color may have the same color of your clothing that you always wear.The liking and disliking of colors determine your mental states. The choice of colors also explains your personality and thinking.

Sometimes favorite colors of certain people change from time to time. It shows that your life changes and you are adapting different parameters.

The white color towel is most common. There are only seven colors from which the rest of the color combination is made that is VIBGYOR.

  • If you love blue color, then it shows you are peace loving human being. You always try to find peace and truth. These persons will not change theway of living by taking opinions from other people. Instead, they will search for truth and reality before doing the same.
  • If you love green color, then you want to be safe. You always want asafe and secure life with your family and friends.
  • The yellow color-loving people create some ideas and inspire others. Typically, these people are more logical than others.
  • Some people chose thefavorite color as orange. They are more social and love to stay among people. This is the reason they like constant challenges and opportunitiesin life.
  • If your favorite color is red, then you love actions.

Although this color orientation will help people in choosing their towels, the background color of the room also matters.The white color towels are more often foundin hotels and restaurants.

How to choose a towel and perfect color for the towel?

Bath towels are the bulkiest cloth piece among all other clothes. You have to choose the perfect towel for your household and bathroom purpose. To choose a towel depends on its fabric and budget you have.


The weight of a towel is purely due to its fabric. Its weight is measured with a GSM (grams per squaremeter) number. Higher GSM towels are thick and heavy products that suit best for bathroom use.

Lower GSM towels have light weight with thin fabrics. You can carry them comfortably while traveling. These are also the best product for your household purposes.


Higher GSM products will cost more than lower GSM products. Longevity of a towel also depends on its price.Beautiful designing and high-quality fabrics towel will also have a high cost. You should think about your requirement and estimate your budget.

It helps you to select the perfect piece.

The colors of bathroom towels are often white. You can choose different colors as per your preferences. The selection of color may depend on the color of walls and designing of the interior of the bathroom. People should choose lower GSM towel colors with a simple look.