What NOT to Do if You Have Limited Bathroom Floor Space?

small bathroom floor

Do you have a small bathroom? Although you may actually have limited bathroom floor space, you may be doing something that makes your bathroom look and feel even smaller.

The following are things that you should NOT do if you have a small bathroom:

Use a color scheme that includes a variety of dark colors

If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, opt for a monochromatic color scheme. You may use several hues of the same color to give a nuanced look to your bathroom. Light colors are ideal to fool the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. If you choose white, soft pastels or neutral tones, you are in the right direction.

Use small tiles to go with your small bathroom, opt for colorful and busy patterns

Using large tiles is another way to create the illusion of space. Opt for muted colors and simple patterns so you do not visually break up the floor line.

Use huge fixtures

If you choose imposing fixtures – bathtub, sink, toilet, and shower enclosures, you will not have enough space to maneuver in your small bathroom. Opt for smaller fixtures so they do not take up too much space. Instead of the usual vanity sink with a cabinet underneath, choose a pedestal sink. The latter looks more elegant and you get to save on space.

Make do with a single overhead light for your bathroom

If you do not make your bathroom look more attractive with appropriate modern lighting, you will think of it as plainly utilitarian. You do not get to enjoy spending time in it. It will feel and look small.

Think about installing lighting you can adjust with a dimmer switch. You can use the strong light to put on your make-up in the morning and prepare for work. In the evening, you can mute its glow to achieve a softer effect while you enjoy a soak in your tub. Your perception of space is likely to change; you will see your bathroom as bigger.

Think of mirrors as necessary only for checking your make-up

You can use mirrors for reflecting light and visually adding space. You can also use mirrors in beautiful decorative frames to add artistic appeal to your small bathroom. Used in a creative manner, mirrors can add space, visual interest and appeal to any bathroom.

Use shower curtains to delineate space between your bathtub/shower area and the rest of the bathroom

If you want to create an illusion of space, use a glass enclosure as an understated visual partition between your bathtub/shower and your main area. This will give your bathroom an open, more spacious look. If you are concerned about privacy, you can always opt for frosted glass.

Use old-fashioned fixtures

Your bathroom will feel small – and look boring and obsolete – if you do not upgrade its fixtures. Using modern copper, bronze, or brushed chrome fixtures gives your bathroom an instant lift. It will look grander and more luxurious in spite of the limited space.

If you decide to sell your home, you will find that a modern bathroom will give your property a bigger resale value.