dirty towels

What Makes Our Towels Dirty And What to Do About It

You should know that moist towel takes almost everything you rub on it. These materials will stick on the towel and make it dirty. You may rinse towels after every bath.

But towel keeps on becoming dirty every day. You should know that dirt cannot be eliminated by simply rinsing the towel. You have to wash towels with soap and detergents.

The air contains dust particles and smoke that are harmful to health. These tiny dust particles can stick on to moist towels. You should be aware of cleaning of your towels regularly. It will keep your towel’s hygiene intact.

What makes our towels dirty?

Most of the towels are made of cotton.

You may use different soaps while bathing. Most of the dead cells wash away, and a few will remain on the skin.

While rubbing a towel against your body, the dead cells stick to it. If you rinse the towel after drying your body, then a few of the dead cells wash out, and the rest of these cells remain on the towel.

Most of the people take a shower and then switch off the exhaust and close the windows. No ventilation makes the bathroom atmosphere unhealthy.

The growth of bacteria is also possible. It also keeps the towel wet for your next use.If someone keeps his/her towel in the unhealthy bathroom, then these towels become germ affected.

If you follow the same routine, then day by day, more will add to it. The bacteria start to decompose dead cells, and it will smell bad.

How often do you wash your bath towels?

Many people do not rinse the towels after having a bath.

They reuse the same towel every day. This will keep all the dead cells intact on it.Are you trying to save water for the next generation? What do you think about your health?

People do regular exercises or workouts. You can use towels and handkerchiefs to wipe sweats. People use towels to wipe sweats while working, cooking and running.

Do you buy a new towel for every use? If you do not keep towels in a proper place, then the sweats cannot be dry away. You have to allow the towel to dry properly. You can use towel rack and shower rod to place it.

How to wash the towels?

It is really dangerous to wash your bath towels rarely. It will affect you and your family’s health. Towels are not costlier than your family’s health.

You should use different towels for each person to prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria. You should use hot water to wash your towels.

The hot water will kill harmful germs and bacteria present in it. Soaps and detergents will clean your towel and give it a new fresh look.

Sometimes hot water may fade the color of towels. You can use color safe bleach to protect its color. After washing the towel, keep it on a proper drying place to make sure that you get good hygiene from your bath towels.