wrap towel on head

Step By Step on How to Wrap a Towel on Your Head Properly

Females wrap towels to dry their long hairs quickly. This also saves time and allows you to do other tasks. Wrapping a towel in turban fashion allow the towel to take excess moisture from the hairs. It will help to dry your hairs quickly and easily.

It’s really annoying to have wet hairs on your back and near your face. It is better to make a turban by wrapping a towel will dry your long wet hairs and helps you to engage in other tasks. Do you try towel turban style wrap? Do you know how to wrap a towel?

How to wrap a towel around your head properly?

It is not a difficult task to achieve. You should know step by step on how to wrap a towel on your head properly. Sometimes female find it difficult to handle long hairs. Many women cut their hairs to give it a new and fashionable look and get rid of long hairs.

Female should know that males love women with long hairs. These long hairs attract the charm of a man towards a woman. Many men like to have partners with long hairs. You can grow long hairs by providing proper nutrition to make them healthy. Follow these steps to wrap a towel around your head to keep your long hairs safe and healthy:

  1. After washing your long hairs if you rub them with a towel then this might cause frizzy. Rub or Pat your hairs gently to get themoisture out from it. Your head and hair roots are still wet. You have to keep them dry to keep long hairs safe and healthy.
  2. Now bend down and lean your head forward so that your hairs will hand in front of your body beside your cheek. Pat gently on the above to get some moisture out.
  3. Take your towel and put at the center position above your neck. Start draping across the back so that long ends will be in the middle and rest of the hairs will wrap.
  4. Hold the ends of the towel and twist it along with long ends. The long hairs will be wrapped, and you can stand straight to wrap it comfortably.
  5. Twist the towel. Never tight too much in a thought of drying your hairs quickly. This may harm your healthy hairs.
  6. After twisting the towel with hairs put them over the top of your head and tucks it. You can also tuck the towel near ears and as per your comfort level.
  7. That means you have successfully done it. Your turban towel has tied up. Now you can proceed with other works at home.

Typically, towel wrap is the way to wrap a towel around your head, but turban towel wrap ensures you to dry your hairs more quickly and comfortably.

These simple steps will help you to wrap a towel in turban fashion that is more predominant than a simple towel wrap.