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Is It OK to Put Paper Towel in the Microwave?

Microwave ovens cook food from the electromagnetic energy that helps in the vibration of water molecules present in the food materials to produce heat. The electromagnetic energy of the microwave heats up the food items rapidly for a quick meal.

It is often found that microwave cooks the food first from outside and then heat is conducted inside.

Sometimes people keep food materials with paper or plastic wrap.

Is it OK to put a paper towel in the microwave with food items?

You have to keep in mind that microwave releases electromagnetic waves. You have to keep proper care of a microwave oven. Read the manual carefully before using it. Always choose microwave-safe products and materials to wrap food materials in order to place them in an oven.

Typically, the microwave does not make food items a radio-active substance.

A microwave oven operates on different principles of frequencies. The technology of microwave uses the motion of electrons in a vacuum within the controlling limit of electric and magnetic field effects.

When you keep foods inside a microwave oven,and then close its door properly to create a vacuum.

It ensures that waves will reach all the corners of the food material evenly. If you keep a paper towel in the microwave wrap with food items, then it is recommended to maintain the temperature limit.

You know that paper catches fire so avoid using newspaper and other paper bags. There are papers like parchment paper, wax paper and paper plates recommended for microwave use. White paper towels are also the microwave-safe product.

In hotels, restaurants and shops, you will find paper towels to clean your hand after a meal. From cake shops to coffee shops, the paper towel is popularly used. Many times shop owner put your preferred food along with a paper towel to heat up in the microwave.

You may think that it is dangerous. No need to worry. The metallic paint plates can cause sparks, but white paper towels are safe enough. Sometimes people keep food along with aluminum foil. It might not be the wisest thing that you should do. Always avoid plastics and metallic products for microwaves use. You can also use glass containers and ceramics like porcelain and stoneware safe products.

Do microwave ovens kill nutrients?

All the cooking styles destroy some of the nutrients. In the microwave the heating time is relatively short that means it preserves nutrients better than other heating methods.

Uses of paper towel other than microwave ovens

Today paper towels are found in most of the places like hotels, hospitals and even at home. Hand paper towels are much cheap and convenient to use. You can easily purchase from any nearby pharmaceutical store.

These paper towels minimize the bacterial diseases. People often use cloth towels to dry hands.Paper towels are made with antibacterial solutions that ensure your safe and healthy protection.In hospitals and public places you may find the threat of bacterial diseases. You can keep paper towels with you every time.