Best Towel Bars With Reviews

I think you understand this.

There are so many different style towel bars available on the market today.

And many of them are designed to fit any space, any bathroom design, and any bathroom location imaginable.

That’s why it can be a real challenge finding the best solution for your specific needs.

However, with this quick guide, you will understand better how to buy towel bars and you won’t struggle any longer.

Take a few minutes to scan through the reviews below.

And you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Value Towel Bar – the InterDesign Forma Self-Adhesive Review

Take a look at this one.

So, are you on the hunt for an attractive towel bar that isn’t going to break your bank account?

Or require you to permanently installed it in an area in your bathroom?

Then you’re going to fall in love with everything that the InterDesign towel bar has to offer.

Manufactured out of high grade stainless steel with a finish that looks a lot like brushed nickel.

This amazingly inexpensive towel bar is going to provide you with the kind of high-end style you’re looking for.

Without putting a dent in your budget!

Combine that with the fact that it attaches using an incredibly strong (yet re-attachable) adhesive that allows you to affix this towel bar to pretty much any and every surface imaginable and you’re looking at a top-notch bath accessory here!

And with a good price like this, I think it’s time you should give this product a try.

Best Chrome Towel Bar – the Moen DN8424CH Preston Inspirations Review

You know what?

The folks at Moen have been producing some of the very best bathroom accessories and bathroom fixtures for decades now.

And this chrome 24 inch towel bar is no exception.

Absolutely beautiful with a bright and highly reflective chrome finish.

It will immediately upgrade the style and value of your bathroom.

And you’ll be able to effortlessly hang at least two full-sized bath towels off of this room towel bar with no trouble whatsoever.

Installation is effortless and can be done with household tools in about 15 minutes or so.

That’s even if you’ve never tackled a project like this in the past.

How cool is that?

Now, I’ve included a very attractive deal here that I’ve found out for you. So, check this product out.

Best Double Towel Bar – the Moen DN6822BN Review

I like this one.


It’s because while one towel bar is certainly going to make life taking a bath or shower a lot easier, getting two towels set up on a towel bar is only going to double your fun and your efficiency!

This brushed nickel towel bar from Moen is going to give you the kind of functionality and utility that you would expect from a single towel bar.

Only twice as much.

You’ll be able to hang for full-size towels off of this towel bar with no difficulty at all.

That allows each of them to get more than enough exposure to air to quickly evaporate and try them so that you lessen your load when doing laundry.

Perfect for those that have a bathroom that gets a lot of shower or bath traffic.

Especially for small families and those that regularly entertain.

You will are going to fall in love with this Moen double towel bar.


Still sitting on the fence? Then this unbelievable offer will help you make the decision.

Best Suction Cup Towel Bar – the InterDesign Power Suction Review


A lot of people are quite happy punching holes in their bathroom walls and permanently fixing towel bars into position.

But most folks just aren’t quite sure of whether or not they are going to love where they’ve positioned their towel bar in the ears to come.

A suction cup towel bar like this one is going to give you all of the functionality and utility that you would expect from a towel bar.

But the best part is the added ability to move and reconfigure your towel bar as much as you like thanks to the suction cups attached to the back.

Repositioning this bath towel bar couldn’t be easier.

And you can even set it up in your shower if you have the space!

And the good news is, this product is currently for sale at a very good price here. You should check it out while it’s still there.

The First Thing You Need to Know is This

This one is important.

The first thing that you’re going to want to think about when purchasing towel bars is the space where you are going to have these new towel bars installed in the first place.

Some people are going to want to have their towel bars installed just as close to the bathtub or the shower as humanly possible.

Whereas others are going to want to try and get their towel bars set up in area that is much more aesthetically pleasing though not quite as functional.

Not only are you going to want to think about the general location for your new towel bar, but you’re also going to want to think about whether or not you have the right amount of “clearance” for it to be positioned there as well.

Traditionally set between 30 inches and 48 inches off of the floor, you’ll want to be sure that you don’t have anything underneath your towel bars that might get in the way of you using them effectively or efficiently.

The One Thing That Can Make or Break the Deal

Can you guess what it is?

The next thing that you’re going to need to think about is the kind of construction materials that you want your new towel bars to utilize.

This is the kind of bathroom accessory that you only want to purchase once, and with the right construction materials (high-end construction materials) you’ll only ever have to purchase it once.

Many of the very best and truly luxurious towel bars are going to utilize the same kind of metals that are used in most other bathroom accessories or fixtures.

We are talking about nickel, brass, chrome, and even bronze – though stainless steel is starting to make a major resurgence in the bathroom these days as well.

More budget focused towel bars are going to be constructed out of plastic or wood.

Though both of these construction materials are a lot less durable and won’t give your bathroom the same kind of high-end finish or aesthetic that you may be interested in.

Even so, those inexpensive towel bars are perfect for guest bathrooms or rental properties where you don’t necessarily want to blow your budget on a detail as minor as this.

Another Important Aspect That People Often Ignore

It’s about the overall design of the product.

You know what?

Many people are under the impression that a towel bar is a towel bar.

And that the installation and the overall design of this bathroom accessory is pretty much identical across the board.

That’s far from truth!

I agree that many of the best options on the market today share similar features and are installed almost exactly the same way.

But you’ll still want to be sure that the item you choose features the kind of aesthetics your after.

And it must also provides an effortless installation process that won’t cause any extra work to be necessary in the bathroom along the way.

Towel bars that are freestanding are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility, portability.

And the fact that they can be utilized in a variety of different ways.

But they still aren’t quite as popular as the traditional towel bars are (and they may never get to be that popular in the future, either).Common Towel Bar FAQ’s

Where should I put my new towel bar?

As we touched upon above, the majority of folks are going to be interested in placing their new towel bar as close to the bathtub or the shower as possible.

This makes them effortless to use and definitely the most convenient.

However this may not be the ideal situation for you, either from a bathroom layout standpoint or purely as far as aesthetics go.

You’ll have to really think about how you want to use your towel bar and how you want your bathroom to look before you decide where you want it to be installed.

How hard is it to install a towel bar on my own?

The process for installing a towel bar is very simple and straightforward in 99.99% of all situations.

You’ll need household tools (a screwdriver will do, but a screw gun will make the process go even faster), but this is the kind of project you should feel comfortable tackling all on your own.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it’s rather simple and straightforward to go about the process of figuring out how to buy towel bars armed with the inside information above.

Think about where you want your towel bar to go, what you want it to be made out of, how you want it to look, and how it’s going to be installed in your bathroom space and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever!