Best Amba Towel Warmers With Reviews

The company behind Amba towel warmers may only be close to 10 years old (it was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia), but that doesn’t mean that they don’t put out some of the best products in this industry.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of products that they offer in their product catalog have already gone on to win a number of industry awards for design and engineering.

They offer their products through more than 2000 retailers across North America and the rest of the world, and are only continuing to expand their reach even further.

If you’re in the market for one of these luxury items, you’ll want to look very closely at the following information available today!

Best Amba Towel Warmers With Reviews

Amba RWH-CB Towel Warmer Review

If you are looking for extreme performance, reliability and heating efficiency, then this is the particular unit that you’re going to want to pay special attention to.

Taking advantage of a built-in hardwired electric heating mechanism that runs throughout all 10 of the crossbars (as well as both vertical bars), you’re going to be able to bring your towels, your clothes, your bedding, your coats, etc.

All up to temperature in record time.

And then maintain those temperatures consistently without any real issue.

If you’re still don’t know which one to pick up, then this might be the one to look at first.

Currently being sold at a ridiculously good price here, don’t miss out on this product.

Amba RWH-SP Towel Warmer Review

Another model you should know about.

This unit takes advantage of the same hardwired heating system that we mentioned above for extreme and efficient performance.

The aesthetics of this particular towel warmer are absolutely gorgeous, and its 10 individual heating bars are going to help to speed up the drying or warming process on all of the towels or clothes that you’ve thrown on top of this heater.

It takes advantage of a mechanical built in on-off switch that you’ll be able to manipulate without any real effort at all.

And all it takes is turning the system on just before you step into the shower to guarantee that all of your towels are brought up to temperature by the time you step out.

I highly recommend this product. And you simply won’t find a better price than this.

Amba RWP-CB Towel Warmer Review

This contender for the title of the best Amba towel warmer is similar to the two that we’ve mentioned above.

Though it has one of the more beautiful brushed bronze finishes we’ve ever seen – perfect for those that want to add a warmer to a more rustic finished bathroom.

Still leveraging the advanced heating technology that we mentioned above, but this time through a “plug in” electrical mechanism, this is even more convenient to set up and have running almost right out of the box.

It has the ability to be wall mounted directly over there with nothing more than a handful of household tools, though you’ll also have the chance to mount it to the floor as a freestanding unit if you desire.

Many people loved this product.

And I’m glad to tell you that there is currently a very good listing on this product here. Check it out today.

Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill Towel Warmer Review

This “swing arm” towel heater is going to hinge directly at its wall, allowing you to rotate the heater itself 180° (this way and that) to take full advantage of all the performance it provides.

Each arm moves independently of the other (and there are four arms on the system), allowing you to stack heavy-duty towels on this heater if you have to without sacrificing any heating efficiency along the way.

Even better than that though – and the real feature that helps make this one of the very best Amba towels on the market right now – has to be the fact that it heats all of your towels up to a toasty temperature of 136°F.

You’ll never have to deal with a cold morning ever again.

Still sitting on the fence? Then this unbelievable offer will help you make the decision.

Amba SAFSB-33 Free Standing Towel Warmer Review

This freestanding “plug and play” is going to offer you the same kind of impressive performance and utility we’ve mentioned above.

But it’s also going to provide you with incredible flexibility as far as how you set it up, where you set it up, and how easy it is to install right out of the box.

Though there are other more powerful options on the market right now, few – if any – are as convenient to use or as reliable as this one from Amba.

And with a good price like this, I think it’s time you should give this product a try.

The Story Behind Amba’s Products No One is Telling You

As we mentioned above, this company was founded in 2004 with a clear goal in mind – to completely destroy the myth that luxury towel warmers only belonged in the homes of the very rich and famous, and that these items had to cost a small fortune to install and run.

Setting out to create innovative stainless steel towel warmer solutions that used only the most advanced heating and radiant warming technology, each and every one of the products to hit the market have been met with almost universal praise.

These products are beautifully designed, and impeccably finished, handcrafted with a level of attention and focus on each and every minor detail that makes them some of the most impressive money can buy.

Combine that with the fact that there are so many different models available for sale today and it becomes a bit of a no-brainer as to why so many people choose to go with this company over almost every other.

But this top-tier position hasn’t stopped this company from slowing down their drive to continue to innovate and really master this product type. Each year they introduce new options to their product catalog, options that are not only better designed and better engineered but options that also take advantage of high-end construction materials, sustainable materials, and more energy-efficient materials.

This produces a world-class experience when you install one of the warmers in your bathroom!

Have a look at all of the different products that day already bring to the table, but make sure that you check their website regularly (every three months or so) as they continue to add new options to their catalog at an almost breakneck pace.

You won’t ever have to worry about struggling to find the right solutions to install in your home, that’s for sure!

People Love These Products, And Here’s the Reason Why

As we touched upon a little bit above, this company has ALWAYS been about producing only the finest products available on the market anywhere while at the same time completely destroying the misconception that these units are only fit for the rich and famous.

You’ll be able to find these towel warmers are available at a broad range of price points, from the least expensive model that fits any budget to the most luxurious models that are still a considerable amount of money less than most competing options.

On top of that, the construction materials used in each and every one of them are second to none. Stainless steel is used throughout (stainless steel sourced from the finest hardware manufacturers in Germany), and all of it has been hand polished and finished to a beautiful luster that will add a tremendous amount to both the overall look and feel of your bathroom as well as to your home’s value.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to choose one of the Amba products available, the breadth of the collection is almost staggering at first. You’re going to find literally dozens and dozens of different options available from this manufacturer in a variety of different designs and form factors.

This means it’s going to be absolutely effortless to find the right look for the towel warmer than you’re hoping to purchase, but it also means that you aren’t going to have any trouble whatsoever finding products that fit in the space you have allotted – and that they will also be easy to install.

Does it get any easier better than that?

We didn’t think so. Because with this good choice:

  • You won’t have to break the bank
  • You’ll be able to take advantage of advanced heating technology and safety features
  • You’ll have dozens and dozens of different models to pick and choose from
  • You’ll be able to depend on the durability and resilience (not to mention beauty) of stainless steel construction materials
  • You’ll have the chance to choose devices that mount the way you would like them to
  • You’ll be able to install almost all of these products all on your own – and if you have to call in the professionals, that won’t break the bank, either!


Will these towel warmers increase my utility bills?

Because of the energy-efficient focus that all of the Amba warmers have been designed with, you aren’t ever going to have to worry about overwhelming utility bills coming your way after the installation of this luxury product.

They will add a little bit to your utility bills, but nowhere near as much as many other options – and the amount will be negligible.

Am I only going to be able to warm towels on this tool?

Absolutely not!

Depending upon which of the products you decide to move forward with (and there are currently more than 150 options to choose from), you’ll be able to warm your towels, your washcloths, your bedclothes, your blankets and quilts, and even your winter jackets!

How much value is this warmer going to add to my home?

It is impossible to say exactly how much of value it’s going to add to your home, but from a pure luxury standpoint it’s tough to imagine anything helping you relax and unwind after a long day more than this.

In Conclusion

Amba towel warmers have a fantastic reputation for quality, efficiency, and safety in the industry. Their customer service department is also one of the finest in the business, and you’ll be able to depend on these products for years and years to come as they are all backed by a “best in the business” warranty.

Check out their options today!