Top 3 Brands that Offer Affordable Towel Warmers You Should Know

good towel warmer brands

Nothing beats a hot shower on a cold night before going to bed. But that warm feeling can easily be spoiled with a cold towel. That’s why towel warmers are becoming a necessity in most homes nowadays. The good news is that the cost of towel warmers has gone significantly lower during the past decade because of the more strict competition among manufacturers. Let’s take a look at the top 3 brands that offer affordable towel warmers.

LCM Home Fashion

When looking for a low-cost but functional towel warmer, you might want to consider the LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding. This model is one of the hottest selling towel warmers on Amazon and the good reviews from the many satisfied customers attest to its quality.

The 6-Bar Freestanding model comes with freestanding feet and brackets for easy installation and versatility so it can be used in any room no matter what the design is. You can also put it near your swimming pool so you always have a warm towel after a good swim. It can even be used as a drying rack for newly washed clothes.

The ideal temperature for warming towels and drying clothes is around 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you’re looking for a modern design in your towel warmer Amba may have the right one for you. The Amba RWH-CB has sleek, radiant, and contemporary design perfect for modern bathrooms with completely waterproof stainless steel tubing with that brushed finish. The curved design is handsome and goes well with any room. This towel warmer also looks perfect in the kitchen or your own home spa.

The wall-mounted design of the RWH-CB means it can also double as your towel rack so it can be used even when the heating function is turned off. With ten heated bars, it offers optimal heating with its drying pattern. You can achieve faster heating if you interweave your towels through the heated bars which allows the towels to reach the optimum temperature quickly.


Want a fully functional towel warmer but you have limited space? The Warmrails HSRC Regent model might be the one for you. The minimal design doesn’t take up a big space in your room but is big enough to heat up large towels. This model is also safe to use even when children and pets are around because of the temperature control that prevents it from overheating.

The HSRC Regent might be on the higher end when it comes to functionality and design but it’s one of the cheapest towel warmers in the market. It is also energy efficient helping you reduce the amount you spend on electricity bills. Power rated at only 50 watts, it consumes less power than an ordinary light bulb.


As you can see, buying a good towel warmer shouldn’t cost you a leg and an arm. You just need to know what to look for and the trusted brands that offer cheap but quality devices. These towel warmers are multifunctional too because you can use them to dry your wet clothes.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Hardwired Towel Warmer

pros and cons hardwired towel warmers

Who wouldn’t want to use a warm towel, especially during the colder autumn and winter months? To heat your towels, so you’ll remain warm after a warm bath, you need a towel warmer. This bathroom accessory is mainly a towel rack in which the horizontal and vertical rails (bars) heat up to make your towels warm.

The towels can be heated through hot water (hydroponic towel warmer) or electricity (electric towel warmer). They come in various styles including the freestanding, wall-mounted, and cabinet-style, or pail/canister style.

Some of the most commonly used in many households are the electric towel warmers. Certain models come with the soft-wired option. This is done by just plugging the warmer’s power cord into an electrical outlet. On the other hand, the hardwired units look cleaner because there is no visible power cord. However, the soft-wired towel warmers are easier to install, making them popular among users.

Installing Hardwired Electric Towel Warmers

  1. These warmers can be hung on the wall.
  2. Position the unit on your preferred wall.
  3. As much as possible, locate your warmer so that at least two of its supports go into the wall studs. This is not a problem if your walls are concrete.
  4. Ensure that you have a wall junction box where you seek to hang your towel warmer. If you are unsure of what you are doing, hire a qualified electrician to do the work for you.
  5. The towel warmer’s electrical outlet will directly connect to the junction box cover. In turn, this will determine the warmer’s anchor supports’ location.
  6. The towel warmer should have its dedicated circuit as it will be turned on all the time. As towel warmers are energy-efficient, they consume less energy.

Hardwired towel warmers come with their pros and cons. Their advantages usually depend on the actual brand and model you are planning to buy or have purchased.


  • Wires are hidden – Your unit will look clean and you won’t be seeing unsightly wires.
  • If you are creative enough, you can also use the towel warmer as another source of heat.
  • Most hardwired electric towel heaters are designed to run all day while still saving enough energy.
  • Most are made of stainless steel, thus, you won’t have to worry about rust.
  • Come with innovative heating technology


  • One disadvantage, especially when it comes to installing the warmer, is that you have to enlist the help of an electrician. Once your unit is working and you may run into heating issues, you may have to call the electrician again to fix your problem.
  • Sometimes, the warmer can get too hot. This is not good if you have children around.
  • The warmer can’t be easily moved as you need to place them near their own junction boxes.


The hardwired electric towel warmer can be a beautiful design statement in your bathroom. Plus, the wall-mounted warmer is best for smaller spaces as it doesn’t occupy floor space.

Perhaps, a hurdle concerning the hardwired unit is its installation. If you are not adept at electricity loads, it’s best to hire an electrician. Once you have accomplished that, you can enjoy your towel warmer and stay warm further during the cold months.

How to Buy Designer Towel Warmers in 5 Easy Steps

how to buy designer towel warmers

Towel warmers are a great convenience during the cold seasons and they don’t have to look bland and simple. Towel warmers can come in different designs and styles to suit the overall look of your bathroom. Here are 5 easy steps in buying designer towel warmers.

Do Your Measurements

This is the first thing you should do before searching for a towel warmer to install in your bathroom. The size of your bathroom may differ from the one you saw in a vendor’s brochure or catalogue. You need to make careful measurements of the area where the towel warmer is to be placed. If you are having doubts or don’t want to go through the measuring task, you can always call a plumber or your contractor to do the measurements for you. This will help avoid measurement mistakes which may be costly in the end.

Plan Your Budget

Are you buying a new towel warmer to replace a worn out one? Or is this for a newly constructed or renovated bathroom? Either way, you should consider your budget when looking for towel warmers as you browse over the different designs in manufacturers’ sites. Having a set budget helps you shortlist your options and avoid overspending. If money is not an issue, you can select freely from the many designs available.

Select the Material

Towel warmers can be made from different metals. Two of the more popular materials used in making radiator ranges are steel and brass. The selection of the material for your towel warmer will depend on the design of the bathroom. For a more contemporary look, stainless steel goes well with a modern-designed bathroom because of its clean color. If your bathroom is more of the classic design, brass will definitely look better because of the brownish hue. Of course you should match the color of your towel warmer with that of other bathroom fixtures like the faucet and the shower head.

Choose the Desired Design

Like choosing the material, the design of your towel warmer will depend on the look of your bathroom. It may also depend on your personal taste. Towel warmers range from the simple grill design to more complex ones that can add accent to the bathroom’s style. The bars can be round or square with the former matching a classic bathroom and latter for a more modern one. It can also be standing, hanging, or wall mount. You can also have an interior decorator choose one for you.

Check Quality Using Comparison Shopping

Towel warmers are intended to adorn your bathroom for a long time so you should get ones that are of high quality. How do you make sure? Do some research on your own. Use the Internet to browse over the sites of towel warmer makers. Read reviews from customers who have bought from a particular supplier. You can also ask your contractor on which brands they prefer. When you have gathered a list of reputable towel warmer makers, do an intelligent selection by comparing each one over the other.

How Important is the Automatic Shut-Off Function in Your Towel Warmer?

automatic shut off towel warmer

A towel warmer is essential for a home who values comfort, especially when the weather is cold and you need to wrap yourself in the cocoon of warm and soothing fabric. As the name suggests, the towel warmer dries towels quickly so you can use them immediately. Moreover, the warmth from the appliance radiates towards the whole room, making it warm as well. Using a towel warmer also prevents moisture and mildew, so you have a hygienic environment.

Types of Towel Warmers

Some towel warmers can be installed or hardwired into your house’s electrical system. Thus, these warmers are mounted on the walls. You need a licensed electrician to do this for you. On the other hand, you could opt for the plug-in towel warmer, which is portable, easier to install, and more convenient to use.

Towel warmers also differ in sizes and styles. You just have to choose which one fits your design aesthetics, and which one will act more as a decor than as a nuisance in your home. The price and brand are equally important factors, and these depend on what you value: a low-quality brand for a cheaper price, or a sophisticated and long-lasting appliance for a skyrocketing charge?

Auto Shut-off Features in Towel Warmers

There are various functions installed in towel warmers. One of these is the automatic shut-off function. This is a cool development for towel warmers because you don’t have to switch it off when you’re holding so many things, or when you are too far to reach it. The automatic shut-off function prevents fire accidents, especially when you forget to switch it off or unplug it from the socket.

Some towel warmers have timers, too, so you can program how long the towel warmer would work. This saves a lot of electric energy as you don’t keep the towel warmer working for a long time.

Moreover, the automatic shut-off function of towel warmers lets you do other things while waiting for the towel to dry. You save a lot of time because you can devote your attention to your other tasks. You will only have to check your towel warmer and if it’s shut off already, and your towel is dry, then you’re good to go.

The automatic shut-off function is also handy when you want to sleep while your towel is on the rack. You don’t have to stay all night just to wait for the towel to dry. The towel warmer will stop working once it has done its job.

What to Do with your Towel Warmer

It is important that you keep your towel warmer in tip-top shape. Make sure that it is working properly so that the shut-off feature won’t malfunction, too. This is especially true for hardwired and plug-in towel warmers. Anything that uses electric power should be shut off automatically to prevent short circuiting and overheating.

However, this extra function may literally come off with a price. The brands with these functions are usually more expensive than those without the auto shut-off feature. It’s up to you which to choose, but if you want to feel safe in your home, purchase the towel warmer with the auto shut-off function.

Hardwired vs. Plug-in Towel Warmers: What to Choose for Your Home

hardwired vs plugin towel warmers

Towel warmers used to be installed only in spas and hotels. Now, even you can have a towel warmer in your home. They can reduce moisture and provide adequate amount of heat in your home. Although there are many brands to choose from, you have to choose wisely. Towel warmers come in two types: hardwired and plug-in appliances. Knowing the differences between these two types will help you choose and shop better.

The towel warmer is an appliance that dries towels faster than air drying. It prevents mildew buildup and ensures that you have a ready warm towel all the time. This is a handy appliance to have in cold weather.

Hardwired Towel Warmers

There are towel warmers that are hardwired into the electrical system of your house. However, you need licensed technician to install the hardwired towel warmer for you. The installation is also a complicated process, so in case the towel warmer malfunctions or needs to be removed, you can’t rely on DIY projects. Hence, you need to allot a budget for the technician’s fee.

On the upside, hardwired towel warmers look nice in the bathroom, where it is humid and wet (thus, the plug-in type is not the better option). They reduce tripping accidents as well. You can operate this towel warmer by just switching it on or off.

Plug-in Towel Warmers

These towel warmers are just like any appliance that you can plug in. You can install them anywhere in your house. This saves you time in installing. You just need power outlets where you can plug in the towel warmer. The disadvantage of plug-in towel warmers is that you have to be extra careful  when there’s water, as this can be the cause of electrocution.

Installation of the plug-in towel warmer is so easy that you don’ t need a technician to do it for you. However, most towel warmers need a standard 120V plug.Because the plug-in type is not installed in your house’s electrical system, it can be moved whenever necessary. Thus, you don’t need a lot of towel warmers installed in your house. One or two may be enough; just bring them with you.

What to Choose for your Home

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a towel warmer for your home. Since your options are hardwired and plug-in types, consider the following:

  • Would you want to save time in installing the towel warmer? The plug-in towel warmer wins in this category. It was made for people who love DIY projects, and those who are always on the go. Thus, the installation of the plug-in type is not complicated.
  • Would you want your towel warmer to be mounted on the wall? If so, use standard wiring and call an electrician to install the hardwired towel warmer.
  • What are your design aesthetics for your home? Some people don’t appreciate hardwired or wall-mounted electric towel warmers because they “ruin” the décor or the wallpaper. Some say they don’t suit the design of their homes, so they would rather use the plug-in type so it can moved to a corner where it is not too noticeable.

Aside from these factors, you should consider the brand that you’re purchasing and the size of the towel warmer.

3 Terrible Mistakes When Installing Plug-In Towel Warmers You Should Avoid

plugin towel warmers

Plug-in electric towel warmers are easier to install compared to hardwired towel warmers. The plug-in electric warmer allows you to install it in your desired location as long as the location is sturdy and near an electric outlet. The hardwired warmer, on the other hand, can only be installed with the help of a professional installer, as there are some things to consider.

The plug-in varieties are the easiest ones to install. They may be wall-mounted rails or they can be freestanding storage boxes. In many cases concerning plug-in warmers, all you need are an electric outlet, a screwdriver, and a few screws. There are also plug-in freestanding towel racks.

Plug-In Warmers Installation

Position your plug-in warmer on a flat wall or floor surface. If you are installing the unit on the wall, use a level to hang it evenly. Once you have installed your towel warmer, just plug it in and hang your towels. It takes a few moments before the towels become warm. Some plug-in models have an off/on switch. However, other models should be unplugged when not in use.

While the concept of installing the plug-in warmer sounds easy, some installation mistakes can be made along the way. Below are three installation mistakes that you should avoid.

Mistake 1: Switch and Timer Too Near the Water Sources

If you want a plug-in warmer in your bathroom, then be aware that installing it in places where the switch and timer may be splashed with water is not a good idea.

Wetting the towel warmer’s switch and timer may lead it short out or start a fire. For best performance and safety, install the warmer on the bathroom wall’s center. This means, you need to position it across the sink and at least one foot away from the shower area.

Put up to six towels on the warmer and let the towels remain on the racks for at least three hours to warm and thoroughly dry the towels.

Mistake 2: Towel Warmer on or Behind the Bathroom Door

Avoid installing the towel warmer on door openings. Doors are not strong enough to support somewhat heavy items like towel warmers. Plus, if you install it on or behind the bathroom door, you cannot hook it properly to the electrical power. The swinging of doors may cause the unplugging of the unit.

Plus, the bathroom door is one of the most utilized rooms in the house. The constant swinging may cause the warmer to be pushed against the wall. Being in such position may cause the warmer to heat up excessively, leading to fire.

Avoid installing the warmer behind the door as it can also be blocked by the open bathroom door for most of the day. The door may also trap heat so it could reach high temperatures.

Mistake 3: Towel Warmer Set Only on Drywall

Towel warmers and their accompanying electric switch boxes, if any, should be supported on wall studs. The towel warmer can get very hot. If it’s not properly installed and it falls from the wall, the warmer can cause nasty burns.

The towel warmer and its respective hardware and electrical accessories should be securely attached to the wall studs.

7 Benefits of Picking Up Economical Towel Warmer Models

economical towel warmer

Whether you have just bought a new home or remodeled your old one, a towel warmer has to be installed. There are just so many benefits you can get from it.

Essentially, there are two types of towel warmers: electric and hydronic. An electric towel warmer is a self-contained unit, which operates independently from a heating system. It contains low-watt and electric-powered elements within its towel rail. A hydronic towel warmer is connected to either a radiant-heating or hot-water plumbing system. The hot water goes through the towel bars, evenly and consistently heating them.

Both types of systems are very efficient and do not consume much energy. They come in different styles, designs and prices. Do not worry because even economical towel warmer models are available in beautiful designs and styles. You can even find one, which features an auto shut-off timer and thermostat.

There are floor-mounted plug-in models that are ideal if you have a spacious home. If your bathroom is short on floor space, you can install a wall-mounted model.

Anyway, if you are still quite hesitant to buy a towel warmer model, perhaps these seven reasons will be good enough to finally convince you:

Warm your Robes and Towels

Using a cold towel after taking a shower is not comfortable. It can even feel rough against your skin. With a towel warmer, however, you can get that spa-like feeling. Your robes and towels will stay fresh and soft, so they feel good against your bare skin.

Warm your Entire Bathroom

The moment you step out of the shower, you will not be shocked by the coldness of your bathroom, thanks to your towel warmer. You do not even have to buy a heater because it serves dual functions, thus, you can save bathroom space and money.

Dry Your Underwear and Swimwear

Aside from keeping your towels and robes warm, you can also use your towel warmer to dry delicate garments gently, such as your underwear, and swimwear. You no longer have to place them in the dryer or out in the sun. You can simply hang them on your towel warmer and wait for them to dry without ruining their fabric.

Accelerate the Drying of Outerwear

Towel warmers are actually ideal to be installed all around your house. Aside from your bathroom and bedroom, you can also have them in your mudroom and laundry room. You can use them to dry your gloves and coats faster.

Prevent the Growth of Bacteria

As you know, bacteria thrive in moist environments, such as the bathroom. With a towel warmer, you can prevent bacteria from growing and spreading in your bathroom and throughout your home. You will no longer smell mildewed towels. It will always keep your bathroom nice, cozy, and bacteria-free.

Keep Your Blankets Warm

Who says that towel warmers are only for bathrooms? You can actually use a floor-mounted plug-in towel warmer in your bedroom to warm your blankets during cold winter nights, allowing you to sleep better.

Keep Your Tiles Warm

While taking a shower, you may have accidentally brushed your back against the wall. Feels cold, doesn’t it? The coldness sends chill down your spine. With a towel warmer, you will never feel such discomfort again. In fact, it can keep both the tiles and the floor warm, so you never have to step on the cold floor and rush out of the bathroom again.

5 Reasons Why Designer Towel Warmer Models are Better Investments

designer towel warmers

After remodeling your bathroom, one of the first things that may have come to your mind is decorating it. A functional bathroom gets better with the right décors, lighting and accessories. A good option to add is a designer towel warmer.

It may be expensive, yes, but its long-term benefits surely outweigh the price. In the long run, you will realize that the price you paid is well worth it. If you are still skeptic and hesitant to purchase a designer towel warmer, here are some things you may want to consider:

They Induce Relaxation

Although it may sound a little odd, towel warmers do induce relaxation. In fact, they help you feel more relaxed after taking a shower or bath. A warm and fresh towel is just what you need after cleaning your body.

If you have ever been to a spa, the feeling you get after pampering yourself is the same feeling you get after using a warm towel. A warm towel is especially nice to have during the winter season. The weather is already cold, so using a cold towel is not really appealing.

If you want to feel comfortable, relaxed and refreshed, then you should use a warm towel from your towel warmer.

They Prevent Dampness Just as Good

A wet or damp towel is not only uncomfortable to use, but it may also be harmful to your health. Keep in mind that bacteria tend to live in places where there is moisture. Your bath towel is not safe from these bacteria if it stays wet or damp.

The bacteria can cause skin rashes and infections, so if you want radiant skin, you should always use a clean, dry towel. What’s more, a damp towel does not smell good. Using a towel like this will not put you in a good mood.

They Kill Bacteria in the Bathroom for You

Aside from keeping your towels fresh and warm, your towel warmer can also make your bathroom bacteria-free. It is especially beneficial if your bathroom is small. It can help keep your bathroom clean and cozy.

They Keep Tiles Warm

Yes, they also keep your bathroom tiles warm – not just your towels. This is great because cold tiles do not feel good against your bare skin anyway. It is also pretty uncomfortable to step on cold tiles. Having a rug in the bathroom can be a hassle because you have to clean it regularly to ensure that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.

There is no more need for you to use a heater in your bathroom because your towel warmer already does its job. In fact, you can totally get rid of your heater to free up more space, thereby making your bathroom more spacious. You can count on your towel warmer to keep your entire bathroom warm and nice.

They are Much Better in Terms of Designs

This is perhaps one of the reasons why you should consider investing in designer towel warmers, instead of the regular ones. Designer towel warmers are simply more attractive and come in more designs. They look much better than ordinary towel bars.

If you want to make your bathroom more attractive and increase the value of your home, then you need to invest in designer towel warmers. They are available in all kinds of styles and designs – from classic to contemporary.

Why Damp Clothing is Dangerous to Your Health and What to Do About It

Damp clothing poses health risks. If you are suffering from frequent skin infections and bouts of colds, you may check out for many reasons, but do not forget to explore the possibility that this is taking place because you’re wearing damp clothing quite often.


Damp clothing is caused by several things.

  • Getting soaked by rain. Rain is a natural occurrence. That’s a given on some days, but when drenched because of it and forced to stay in the office with wet clothing through the day, health problems may develop. To prevent wearing damp clothes, tuck extra clothes somewhere in your workplace, so you will have something to wear in case it rains. Bringing an umbrella all the time can also help. Have the foldable type and find a place for it inside your suitcase.
  • Sweating. On the other hand, there’s the perspiration danger. After a 2-hour workout, make sure to change into dry clothing. Be ready for the summer months when you can easily sweat with minimal movements.
  • Wardrobe. Damp clothes moisten clean clothes as well. Inspect your wardrobe cabinets. If the odor is strange, there can be a buildup of molds.  Check for water leakage. There’s also the possibility that children are throwing wet towels inside the cabinets after taking a bath.
  • Using a laundry dryer.  Do you use a dryer for laundry? If yes, make sure to hang the clothes where there’s plenty of sunshine for a good amount of time before folding them.

Health Risk

There are several discussions about this in the internet, and it appears there is a strong consensus on the risks posed on health by damp clothing. The part of the body that’s targeted the most is the respiratory system.

  • Drying washed clothes indoors may pose danger to people who have weak immune systems and those who are suffering from asthma. This is because drying indoors can raise the water content in the air by 30%, creating an ideal breeding condition for Aspergillus fumigates spores.
  • Damp clothing, as well as carpets and furniture, are ideal places for house dust mites. Allergy due to house mites can be mild or severe.  For mild cases, members of the family can develop sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. For severe cases, the condition can become chronic and may lead to severe asthma attack, facial pressure, respiratory congestion or coughing.
  • This is another danger caused by drying clothes indoors.  Experts warned that those who run the risk of causing cancer among family members. This is due to the fabric chemicals released into the air. Foremost among these chemicals are the acetaldehydes.

To conclude

There are more things that you can do to ensure that your clothes are dry.  Use a wardrobe dehumidifier. When drying on a dryer, dry clothes made of the same fabric in one spinning. You can also upgrade your washing machine.  Advanced dryers can wring more water out of wet clothes. Above all and the easiest thing to do, install more clotheslines outside, if possible.

How to Choose a New Towel Warmer for Your Small Bathroom?

small towel warmers

You can upgrade your small bathroom by simply adding beautiful fixtures.

You can add in-floor heating, use lush flooring materials, add chic cabinetry, or design beautiful countertops.  All these projects are big-ticket items, however. They come at a stiff price.

One of the more popular reasonably priced upgrades for small bathrooms is the addition of a towel warmer.

You can install a towel warmer in just any bathroom. It makes for a great complement to any design scheme. It also comes in a wide range of styles and price. You are sure to find one that matches your requirements.

A towel warmer is functional. It keeps towels dry and fluffy. It keeps the bathroom warm, clean, and free from mildew, and gives a warm, welcoming and luxurious feel to your bathroom.

If you do not have a towel warmer in your bathroom yet, now is the time to get one and enjoy the convenience, comfort and luxury it brings.

How do you choose a new towel warmer for your small bathroom?

Choose a high quality towel warmer

Taking a warm shower early in the morning is a refreshing way to prepare for the day. However, you tend to lose your cheerfulness if you step out of the warm shower straight into a chilly room. If you have a high quality towel warmer, you put on a warm robe or towel and feel nice and toasty.

Choose one with high energy efficiency rating

There are many options when it comes to wattage. You can opt for a 150-watt towel warmer and spend just about 18 cents a day for your comfort. You can even get one with a lower wattage. A 60-watt towel warmer is highly energy-efficient. The amount of power it uses is about the same as that of a standard light bulb. It operates for less than 9 cents a day – which makes it a pretty good buy.

Choose a convenient style

Warm towels and bathrobes ready for use instantly give a spa-feel to your small bathroom.

There are several styles to choose from.

If you have a radiator to heat your bathroom, you can swap the radiator for a towel radiator warmer.

If you use electricity or gas to keep your bathroom warm, you can opt for an electric towel warmer which allows you to turn down the thermostat.

If you just want a convenient way to dry your wet towels at the end of the day, you can choose a towel warmer that you plug into an electric socket if you need it.

If you want your delicate lingerie to hang dry in your bathroom, opt for one with a convenient hanging rack.

Choose a finish that goes well with the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom

When choosing the finish of bathroom hardware, people go for one of two options – everything must match or everything must be different.

If your shower bar, light fixtures, and faucet are made of brushed metal, opt for a brushed metal towel warmer if you want everything to match.

If you want your bathroom to have various finishes, then choose a towel warmer of a different finish than those of your other fixtures. You can go for polished stainless steel, polished chrome, or brushed stainless steel finishes.

Choose the type of installation that is right for you

You have two options – hard-wired or plug-in.

If you want to go all out and give your bathroom a fresh, spa-like ambiance, go for the hard-wired model. A hard-wired towel warmer has all its wires hidden from view, giving your bathroom a “high-end” feel.

If you favor convenience and flexibility over looks, you may prefer a plug-in towel warmer. This type is easier to install. You also have the option of moving the towel warmer from one room to another.

5 Brilliant Ideas for a Small Bathroom You Can Try Today

small bathroom design ideas

Additional Storage

Do you have enough storage space in your small bathroom? You may not think so now. However, if you look at your bathroom in an imaginative, resourceful and inspired way, you will see that there is a lot you can do to create extra storage space.

Add storage space by using:

  • Shelves installed in the corners of the bathroom
  • Laundry basket placed beneath the sink (You can use rustic charming sink skirts for added flair)
  • Spice rack on the wall adjacent to the mirror (perfect for little things like a hairbrush, lipstick, a pair of scissors, shaver)
  • Unobtrusive compartment close to the toilet for your plunger and other cleaning supplies
  • Small charming baskets hanging on your towel racks
  • Additional towel racks attached on the bathroom door
  • A small functional plate holder installed on one side of the sink – ideal for storing items (make-up, soap, sundries) which you usually dump on the countertop
  • An artistically designed wooden bookshelf installed on top of the door frames
  • Modern floating shelves
  • Bright multi-colored storage ladders
  • Colorful wall cabinetry extending as high as the ceiling where you can store spare personal hygiene supplies and cleaning tools and supplies (tall vertical storage cabinets draw the eyes and gives the illusion of space)
  • Wall recesses to hold toiletries and art objects (adds visual interest and frees up counters)
  • Open storage shelves to hold large storage baskets, folded towels, and small bathroom appliances

Focus on Functionality

Focus on design elements that are useful and practical. Get rid of unwanted clutter – knick-knacks that serve no real purpose. Store extra personal hygiene products inside cabinets; do not use premium counter space to display them.

Put glass jars on open floating shelves. You can use the jars to keep cotton balls, toothpicks and other small items.

Put a hamper under the sink for your dirty towels and clothes.

Stackable baskets are useful and practical. Put them under cabinets or on open shelves.

A Touch of Class, Comfort and Function

Add a towel warmer to your bathroom. You get warm towels anytime you need them. You prevent mildew and you give your small bathroom a distinct touch of class, comfort and warmth.

There are many designs to choose from – from stark modern designs with clean simple lines to rich and elaborate designs with intricate lines.


Opt for white, a color usually associated with purity and cleanliness. White and neutral tones add depth and make it possible for you to play around with different patterns and textures. Soft pastels are easy on the eye; they are also soothing and restful colors.

Put in pops of colors from multi-colored hand towels, textured rugs and bathroom tiles to add flair and create ambiance.

Hang robes or towels of bold lively colors to add personality to your small bathroom.

Use chic and unique accessories like soap dishes for a stylish, elegant touch.

Natural Lighting

If the windows in your small bathroom are not sufficient to bring in enough natural light, you can install a sun lighting tube or a skylight to do that.

A sun lighting tube is installed on the roof and passes down into the ceiling of your small bathroom. Clean natural sunlight bounces down into the bathroom through reflective material.

A skylight is an opening on the ceiling or roof – a window on the roof that is fitted with glass.

What NOT to Do if You Have Limited Bathroom Floor Space?

small bathroom floor

Do you have a small bathroom? Although you may actually have limited bathroom floor space, you may be doing something that makes your bathroom look and feel even smaller.

The following are things that you should NOT do if you have a small bathroom:

Use a color scheme that includes a variety of dark colors

If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, opt for a monochromatic color scheme. You may use several hues of the same color to give a nuanced look to your bathroom. Light colors are ideal to fool the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. If you choose white, soft pastels or neutral tones, you are in the right direction.

Use small tiles to go with your small bathroom, opt for colorful and busy patterns

Using large tiles is another way to create the illusion of space. Opt for muted colors and simple patterns so you do not visually break up the floor line.

Use huge fixtures

If you choose imposing fixtures – bathtub, sink, toilet, and shower enclosures, you will not have enough space to maneuver in your small bathroom. Opt for smaller fixtures so they do not take up too much space. Instead of the usual vanity sink with a cabinet underneath, choose a pedestal sink. The latter looks more elegant and you get to save on space.

Make do with a single overhead light for your bathroom

If you do not make your bathroom look more attractive with appropriate modern lighting, you will think of it as plainly utilitarian. You do not get to enjoy spending time in it. It will feel and look small.

Think about installing lighting you can adjust with a dimmer switch. You can use the strong light to put on your make-up in the morning and prepare for work. In the evening, you can mute its glow to achieve a softer effect while you enjoy a soak in your tub. Your perception of space is likely to change; you will see your bathroom as bigger.

Think of mirrors as necessary only for checking your make-up

You can use mirrors for reflecting light and visually adding space. You can also use mirrors in beautiful decorative frames to add artistic appeal to your small bathroom. Used in a creative manner, mirrors can add space, visual interest and appeal to any bathroom.

Use shower curtains to delineate space between your bathtub/shower area and the rest of the bathroom

If you want to create an illusion of space, use a glass enclosure as an understated visual partition between your bathtub/shower and your main area. This will give your bathroom an open, more spacious look. If you are concerned about privacy, you can always opt for frosted glass.

Use old-fashioned fixtures

Your bathroom will feel small – and look boring and obsolete – if you do not upgrade its fixtures. Using modern copper, bronze, or brushed chrome fixtures gives your bathroom an instant lift. It will look grander and more luxurious in spite of the limited space.

If you decide to sell your home, you will find that a modern bathroom will give your property a bigger resale value.

How to Remove Mould and Mildew From Clothes Quick?

remove mould from clothes

Mould and mildew are common issues in households, but perhaps, you know by now that your bathroom and kitchen are not the only ones that can be affected by these. There is even much worse than that – when mould and mildew starts growing on your clothes. They are already risky when they start growing on porous surfaces and grout. However, their risk level can further increase when it affects your clothing, thereby increasing your desire to get rid of them.

Here’s what you can do.

Dry, Brush, Soak and Rinse

Remember that mould spores start growing once they land in a warm, damp and dark place. Later, these spores become black dots called mildew.

To get rid of them, you need to bring the affected clothes outside and dry them first. Dry them under the rays of the sun, which is known as a natural mould inhibitor.

Once done, start brushing away loose spores using a stiff brush. Just don’t forget to do this outside; otherwise, you will only cause new infestation. You can then soak the spots in a washing machine for half an hour using full-strength all-fabric bleach. However, for clothes that you cannot wash in the machine, just drop some bleach on the stains. Allow the bleach to sit for a few minutes, then wash the clothes using a cloth with mild suds.  Lastly, rinse and wash the clothes and air-dry.

Specified Instructions and Ingredients to Remove Mould and Mildew


There are three recommended ingredients you may choose to use in removing mould in clothes. They are Borax, white distilled vinegar and bleach.

Borax is a natural mould-killer available in powder or detergent form. If you prefer to use the powder form, just mix it with water and follow the label’s instructions. Pour the solution in the washing machine and start laundering the clothes. Once done, you will find that your clothing is not only free from mould and mildew, but are also fresh-smelling.

Bleach is both an effective mould-killer and mildew stain eradicator. You can also use it on white clothes to avoid ruining their color. For this option, you can either use the bleach purely or have the solution diluted.

Lastly, there’s the white distilled vinegar. It is also an effective mould killer that can help keep your clothes smelling fresh. To use this, just mix a cup of the ingredient in a bucket of water. Use the solution to pre-soak your clothing for an hour. Afterwards, transfer them on the washing machine for laundering at the hottest temp. Just make sure not to mix vinegar in any bleach–containing products to avoid creating toxic gas.

The Key Actions

There are three steps you must observe when removing mould and mildew on your clothes. First, take a look at their garment care tags before proceeding with any brushing or washing. By taking this step, you not only remove these microorganisms, but also preserve the quality of your clothes.

The second key action is to either use a stiff brush or clean toothbrush when scrubbing the mould. This is important, especially if you want to pre-treat the clothes stains, but remember that the step does not end there since you still need to wash the clothes to kill the mould effectively. Also, always wash the clothes at the hottest temperature since this is your best chance to kill the mould spores.

You only need to follow all these steps to remove mildew and mould from your clothing quickly. For best results, ensure to dry the washed clothes immediately. Otherwise, you will only give these microorganisms a reason grow again. It helps to make some changes in your washing habits as well if you want to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

5 Interesting Facts About Body Smell You May Not Know

facts about body smells

Perhaps, you already have an idea that each individual has its own unique scent. The same goes with body odor, which may serve just like your fingerprints and DNA, but that’s not all you should know about this subject. Just consider the following:

Body Smell = Love Connection

It’s true! It’s just the same with how animals find their mates. Smell plays an important role here, which researchers find as one of the many key characteristics contributing to mate selection in humans. A good proof of which is the study where women were asked to rate the smell of T-shirts worn by their male peers for 2 days. The higher rate should be given to smells the participants find as most attractive. To conclude, the women gave higher ratings to T-shirts with body odor that were chemically different from theirs.

So, yes, smell does play an important role in finding the most suitable partner for you. However, it does not mean that you have to depend on your sense of smell to find your perfect match. After all, your sense of smell is not as sensitive as with animals and although it’s possible, humans are not brought up to choose their mates based on that.

Anxiety and Body Odor

Have you ever noticed your body odor changing the more anxious you feel? Some may agree to this, because anxiety does have a significant connection to the way your body odor changes during a more anxious situation. In fact, body odor is a secondary effect of anxiety. It changes the manner through which the body handles bacteria and odor, thus affecting how you smell.

Several factors contribute to how anxiety changes your body smell. First, there’s the sweating. The more anxious you are, the more you sweat; hence, triggering more body odor. Unfortunately, this becomes the case even if you are no longer sweating. Why? That is because your sweat has already created an environment where overgrowth of bacteria occurs. Hence, even if you are only sweating a little, this will already trigger the growth of bacteria, which is what causes the odor.

The Foods You Eat Contribute to Your Body Odor

Your diet is another factor that may have an effect on your body smell in connection to anxiety. Although this remains a theory, many believe that what you eat as well as how they are digested may have an effect on how you smell. Examples of foods that may be causing bad odor are chewy candies.

Yes! So, if you love eating chewy treats, chances are your body will begin to produce that intense odor. Such effect has something to do with the bacteria’s likeness to sweet foods, increasing acidity once the yeast grows and sugar converts into alcohol. Other favorite or common foods you never knew can cause bad odor are packaged foods, dairy, spices and even eggs!

The Reason Behind That Old-People Smell

Some notice that older people have that certain smell. Now, you will know the reason behind that, which is due to a chemical compound they call as 2-nonenal. It is a compound created through the oxidative breakdown of other chemicals through which, that unpleasant, grassy odor is produced. Simply said, the level of this compound in people increases as they age, making that certain smell more distinct as you get older.

Over-cleansing Does Not Help at All

Naturally, you’ll want to clean and scrub yourself if you know that you smell to eradicate that bad odor. That’s fine, but be careful not to overdo it. Some people get tempted to even rub alcohol on BO hot spots because they think that it will help. However, the truth is it will only make your skin dry and trigger the body to produce more sweat. Hence, just be satisfied with using antibacterial soap and scrubbing.

With these facts, you will know to pick the right information to guide you. But, of course, you should not rely with just these facts. Visit a dermatologist if you know your case requires professional help.

Top 3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Body Smells so Bad

your body smells bad

Sometimes, it is not enough to just use excellent antiperspirants and deodorants. You will be surprised by some of the reasons why you have body odor.

Bacterial Build-up in Clothes and Underwear Causes Body Odor

Underwear and clothes touch your skin in several areas – across the back, underneath your arms, in-between your breasts and beneath your chest. All these areas tend to sweat a lot.

Your clothes and underwear may be made of fabric that does not allow sweat to evaporate. The trapped moisture causes fungus and bacteria to grow. This is particularly true when you fail to wash your underwear/clothes after the first wear. The bacterial buildup on your clothes and underwear causes body odor.

Make it a practice to wash your underwear and clothes after you wear them. Do not use the same bra twice or thrice in a row without washing it. You are likely to have body odor from the accumulation of odor, oils, and bacteria.

Stress and Anxiety Cause Body Odor

Not all types of sweat are alike.

You sweat when you exercise. You sweat when the weather is hot. Sweat that is a result of physical exercise or the scorching weather is mostly made up of water and some electrolytes. It does not smell bad.

You sweat when you are under great stress. When you have a difficult sales presentation to make, when your car breaks down when you have to get to an important meeting with your boss, when you have an intense quarrel with your loved one – you tend to sweat profusely. Sweat is a natural reaction to stressful and difficult situations.

Stress sweat is the worst kind of sweat. It is a product of the apocrine glands – glands found in the genital area and the armpit. It contains a lot of fat and protein that strongly attract bacteria. When bacteria go on a feeding frenzy on the stress sweat, they release an odor that smells extremely unpleasant. Sweat is generally odorless, but when sweat combines with the bacteria on your skin, it causes an overpowering stinky smell.

Food and Alcohol Cause Body Odor

Foods with pungent smell cause body odor.

Digestion breaks down the food that you eat into compounds. These compounds enter the bloodstream and are released through your breath, urine and sweat.

Some foods release gases containing sulfur upon digestion. Onions, garlic, spices like curry, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables  — all these are examples of food that release smelly gases through your pores when you sweat. They cause body odor.

Going on a low-carbohydrate high-meat/protein diet also results to body odor. The diet causes the body to release a strong fishy smell as it breaks down fat.

Drinking alcohol also causes body odor. As the alcohol enters the bloodstream, some are released through your breath and pores.  It does not matter if you are drinking gin, vodka, wine or beer. When your body breaks down the alcohol, it gives off an unattractive odor.

This is particularly true if you drink too much. Alcohol is toxic. The body acts on it immediately – breaking it down and excreting it as fast as it can. The liver metabolizes most of the alcohol and excretes it through the urine.  If you drink too much, however, and the liver cannot process the inordinate amount of alcohol, the body excretes some of it through your sweat and breath, causing you to develop body odor.

How to Get Rid of Body Smell With These 5 Proven Methods

get rid body smell

It is embarrassing and annoying to have body odor. It is not surprising that people do the not-so-subtle armpit check every now and then just to make sure that they do not smell bad.

There are easy ways to deal with body odor. Learn how to get rid of body smell with these 5 proven methods.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Get rid of body odor-causing bacteria by bathing or taking a shower regularly. Make sure to lather up with a good soap, washing effectively all the areas that are most susceptible to body odor – armpits, breasts, feet, and genital area.

Use a clean towel to dry yourself up effectively. Bacteria thrive in warm and moist environment. Pay attention to areas where the skin folds – around the groin, beneath the breasts and around the abdomen. Think about using unscented talcum powder on these areas after your bath to ensure dryness.

Pay particular attention to areas where bacteria are likely to breed. Hair tends to absorb odor easily. Shave your armpits regularly. Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin and stubborn grime.

Choose your Clothes and Do Your Laundry

You tend to sweat more and smell bad when you use synthetic fabric which traps sweat. Opt for fabric like thin lace, sheer mesh, or cotton, instead. These fabrics absorb sweat and breathe well, creating less sweat and less body odor.

Make sure that you do your laundry regularly. When you keep your clothes clean and fresh, you are likely to smell fresh yourself.

Use Effective Personal Hygiene Products

Body odor is often the result of perspiration and bacteria. You can use an antiperspirant to stop excessive sweating. Antiperspirants contain chemicals like aluminum to block perspiration. Most antiperspirants are formulated to last the entire day. If you do something strenuous, however, like aerobics or running, it may be prudent to reapply the antiperspirant.

Sweat cools down the body. You do not want to eliminate it completely. You can use a deodorant to mask or avoid body odor. A high quality deodorant makes you smell fresh the entire day.

If you have a body odor problem, you can use natural remedies to address it. You can use a vinegar spritz to kill the bacteria, especially in your underarms and feet. In place of vinegar, you can also use apple cider, tea tree oil, vodka diluted with water, witch hazel, or lemon juice as natural antiseptics.

Make the Necessary Lifestyle Changes

Choose what you eat wisely. Eat healthy. If you want to avoid body odor, decrease your intake of foods that are likely to cause body odor. Reduce your use of onions, garlic, curry and other strong-smelling spices. Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other vegetables that belong to the cruciferous family also tend to cause body odor.

Make sure to include whole grains, leafy greens, healthy oils from avocado, salmon, and olives, seeds, nuts, and fruits in your diet. Reduce your intake of fatty food like highly marbled cuts of beef, chicken skin, and fried food.

Support gut health. If you have certain problems with your gut, you are more prone to develop body odor from the poorly digested food.

How can you make your gut healthy and efficient?

Take probiotics supplements. They improve the quality of intestinal flora, decrease gut toxins and improve digestion. Buttermilk and yogurt are also good sources of probiotics.

Take apple cider vinegar and other forms of digestive enzymes to help digestion.

Take chlorophyll or wheat grass supplements. They are efficient natural deodorizers.

Go on a detox plan to cleanse your body and get rid of toxins.

Drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins from your system. Drink between two to three liters of water every day. It is a good way to stay hydrated, healthy, and smelling fresh and clean.

Work out on a regular basis. Physical exercise gives you a good sweat and eliminates toxic build-up that causes body odor. See to it that you take a shower and dry off carefully after your workout.

Avoid nicotine and tobacco. They promote free radicals that undermine health. They also encourage bacteria to form on the skin, causing bad odor.

Reduce your intake of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks.

Learn How to Cope with Stress

When you feel stressed out, your apocrine glands produce more sweat – sweat, which when combined with bacteria causes body odor.

Learn how to cope with stress effectively and relax. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises have been found useful in decreasing stress.

13 Quick Tips to Dry Up your Wet Clothes with a Towel Warmer

hanging wet clothes on towel warmers

Towel warmers are designed to heat towels, making it possible for people to feel warm as they step out of the shower. However, others have gone a step further in the use of their towel warmers. With these bathroom machines, they’re having a nice time drying up their wet clothes, too. Here are tips for those who make their towel warmers more useful this way.

Squeeze Out Water Content

To cut down drying time for wet clothes, do your warmer a favor. Squeeze the water out of your clothes until you can squeeze no more. This can help minimize the electricity bill, too.

Cover the Exposed Side of the Clothes

The exposed side of your clothes is cooler and is usually the side that dries later. You can even out warming by placing a dry cloth over the fabric that’s currently heated. This is specially recommended if you’re in a hurry drying.

Use the Entire Area of the Towel Warmer

The goal is to minimize wasted heat and dry your clothes a lot faster. If you don’t have a lot of clothes to dry, spread the items as widely as possible to cover a larger area and prevent wasting heat.

Place the Warmer in a Dry Area

Putting the warmer in airy but dry area can help hasten the job. The bathroom is usually wet, so it may not be an ideal place for drying clothes. The patio or a place beside the pool will be a perfect location.

Use the Dryer

For someone who is really in a hurry drying a set of clothes to use for a special occasion, you can use a dryer to wring out water. Once done, hang the clothes on the towel warmer. Aside from completely drying, the towel warmer will kill the microorganisms the clothes contain.

Iron the Clothes

Another option is to iron the clothes before using the towel warmer. Ironing does not completely remove moisture from all the parts of clothes. The finishing touch should be left to the warmer.


Still, another is blow-drying. Unfortunately, it also does not get the job done. The clothes should still go to the warmer afterward.

Using a Towel

Using a dry towel is also a good alternative. For this one, find a towel that’s large and fluffy. Put the garment on top of the towel and roll it over the clothes. Twist the bundle from one end to another. That will absorb water from the clothes. You can then place the clothes on the warmer for final drying.

Preheat the Warmer

Some people are in the habit of turning on the warmer after the towel or the clothes have been hung. To dry quickly, the warmer should have been heated already, so it can start working as soon as the items are placed on the rails.

Put Clothes One After Another

This is specially recommended to users of the basket-type towel warmers. Filling the vessel with many items will only make drying time longer. Put items one at a time.

Use Natural Air

If the weather is fine, take advantage of natural air to dry your clothes first. Have several clotheslines, if possible.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can reduce water content in the air. This is useful during those times when you are forced to do drying indoors.

Use Maximum Heating

If you’re really in a hurry and would not mind incurring high electricity usage, you can always have the option to set the warmer in its highest heating capacity.

5 Amazing Tips to Save on your Electric Bills you can Apply Right Away

save electric billsEarning money is not easy. It usually involves a lot of patience, sacrifice and time management skills. However, perhaps one of the most overlooked adult skill is to manage money and stick to a budget. With all these fees piling up, people are finding more ways to cut costs to save up on their hard-earned moolah.

Saving on electric bills is one of them. Here are 5 amazing tips to save on your electric bills you can apply right away.

Check your Power Lines

Perhaps the most basic thing to do is to have an expert check your electrical wirings. Not only does this make sure that there will be no excess charges due to faulty wiring, it also assures you that all lines are in good shape, making all electrically-related hazards out of the way.

Appliance Maintenance

Appliances like air conditioners usually become less efficient as they age. In turn, this consumes the same amount of energy, but doesn’t do the job as well as they used to when they were brand new. Fortunately, this is not without remedy.

To keep air conditioning units and similar appliances working effectively, they need to undergo maintenance on a regular basis. Having these appliances maintained not only saves cash, but also allows them to last longer.

Invest in a Towel Warmer

These days, towel warmers are not only used to dry damp towels. They are now also considered as multi-function devices that also double as radiator, clothes warmer, or shoes warmer.

Additionally, towel warmers consume little to no electricity at all. The electric models only consume as much energy as light bulbs. On the other hand, the hydronic units are connected to the building’s internal water heating system, consuming no electricity at all.

Switch to LED

One of the useful day-to-day items include having an indoor light source, especially at night. However, these lamps and bulbs may often consume too much power, taking its toll on your electric bill.

Luckily, LED lights are now in the market. These light sources not only outlast their traditional counterparts, but also consume about 70% less energy. Although a bit pricier compared to incandescent or fluorescent models, these LED lights are more cost-effective in the long run.

Learn to Unplug

Appliances that remain plugged in even when not in use consume a small amount of energy. Over time, these small amounts build up, and can have an impact on your electric bill.

Experts advise unplugging all electric gadgets and devices that are not in use. Additionally, it also helps to remove the plugs and double check before leaving the house – not only to save on power, but to avoid any fire-related accident.


Although these tips are already as amazing as they are, keep in mind that they won’t work if you don’t practice self-discipline. Having that control not only helps reduce what’s on the bill, but also helps avoid any desire to splurge on new, unnecessary items.

Basic Functions Every Electric Towel Warmer Should Have For You

electric towel warmer functionsModern technology has surely paved the way to provide people with more efficient household appliances. This not only gives everyone more time for themselves, but also evolved to be multi-functional. One such appliance is the towel warmer. Although little is known about the origin of this device, many are fully aware that it is one of the necessities with multiple functions, perfect for these modern times.

Keeping Towels Dry and Warm

The very basic function of these electric towel warmers is to keep towels dry and keep the moisture levels low, leading to a lesser amount of germs and bacteria in a moist room. Additionally, it also works in warming the towels and maintaining them at a desirable temperature, which comes in handy during the chilly winter months.

With the developments in technology, these devices now come with digital control panels with programmable timers. These timers not only shut off and turn on automatically to maintain the desired heat adjustment, but also help in saving power.

Room Heater

Since its heat is adjustable, you can raise it a little bit higher during the cold season to provide additional heat to the room. This is especially useful inside the bathroom, where you may find it challenging to get out of the shower or tub when surrounded in chilly air.

But of course, you can also utilize it in other rooms apart from the bathroom. Preferably, these electric towel warmers may be installed in smaller rooms with little to no exposure to steam for them to work more effectively, and without risk of damaging their panels.

Clothes Warmer

Electric towel warmers installed inside bedrooms also have the function of warming outer clothing like coats and jackets. Others also use it to dry socks and delicate pieces of clothing such as undergarments which cannot be dried with an ordinary tumble dryer.

Towel warmers with larger rails can also double as a blanket warmer – providing everyone with the additional comfort for when they’re ready to go to bed.

Shoes Dryer

Electric towel warmers may either be plugged in or hardwired, and either of these two types can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or freestanding. The two latter models can be easily installed near a shoe rack by the front entrance to function as a shoes dryer.

However, make sure that it is located at a safe distance from the shoes. Being mounted too near wet shoes may cause minor damages to both the shoe and the towel dryer. Always read the instructions for this.


Aside from its budget-friendly options and eco-friendly power consumption, towel warmers also have a lot of useful day-to-day functions. Newer models also come with added features and can be easily customized – making it easily suit the needs of different people. Installation is also not a problem, as some models may be easily plugged in to any compatible power source.

In conclusion, an electric towel warmer is a worthy investment. So whatever the purpose for the purchase may be, you will certainly not regret it.

5 Safety Tips When Installing Electric Towel Warmers

installing electric towel warmersThe number of homeowners having towel warmers installed is increasing. This device has gained popularity not just because it keeps towels warm and dry, but also because it provides the room with additional heat when the temperature outside drops during winter.

Although there are two general types of towel warmers, the electric models are more popular than their hydronic counterpart, and this is primarily because of their easier installation. However easy the installation of these devices may seem, you must still consider following a few safety tips to avoid the unnecessary hazards.

Know Your Model

Electric towel warmers are further sub-categorized into the hardwired electric towel warmers and the plug-in electric towel warmers. The former must be integrated into the building’s electrical system, while the latter can be easily plugged into an electrical outlet.

Choosing which type to install will depend upon your needs and how it will fit into your budget, thus, knowing the difference between each type will help you not only in selecting the best one for your home, but also in avoiding unnecessary expenses that go along with additional accessories or features you may not even use.

Read the Instructions

Perhaps the most basic of all safety tips will be to read the instructions first before installation. Not only does this give you an overall perspective of how your device works; it also provides you with all the necessary information to help you with the procedure.

Additionally, the information sheet included when you purchase your towel warmer also has the essential electric configuration your device requires, so it’s really necessary to check these out first.

Location is Key

Generally, these electric towel warmers may either be mounted to the wall, mounted on the floor, or free-standing. Regardless, where you have them installed is essential. The ideal location will be somewhere near the tub or shower, but not too close where it will be exposed to a lot of splashing water.

Avoid Overloading

Make sure the outlet is not overloaded. Having an additional appliance plugged into one that’s overloaded may cause the electrical system to go haywire, thus, causing accidents. This is especially true to the plug-in models.

Get Professional Help

If having your electric towel warmer installed on your own makes you feel uncomfortable, or you’re not sure as to how the hardwired models are to be mounted into the electrical system, the safest way is to get a professional to do it. This not only lessens the burden of doing it all on your own, but also assures you that your device is installed and will run properly.


To conclude, towel warmers are a worthy investment. Aside from what these are normally used for, others have these installed inside bedrooms to keep blankets and outer clothing like coats heated and dry. Since there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, it is not impossible to find one that will perfectly suit one’s needs and preferences.

Regardless, what’s important will always be everyone’s safety. Keeping these tips in mind when you have your towel warmers installed will surely keep everyone safe and happy.

What are the Differences Between Electric and Hydronic Towel Warmers?

electric vs hydronic towel warmersTowel warmers are perhaps among the most convenient bathroom essentials in today’s modern world. Not only are they useful in drying up towels; you can also use them as rails to hang and dry other pieces of clothing.

Various towel warmers are out in the market today, and you can divide them into two major types: the electric towel warmers and the hydronic towel warmers. In selecting which is the best one for your home, you have to consider several pointers.

How it works

Finding the main difference between electric and hydronic towel warmers rests in knowing how they work. As the name implies, electric towel warmers use electricity to heat the rails where you will hang the towels. This type of towel warmer is divided into two sub-categories: the hardwired units and the plug-in models. Hardwired units are those that are directly integrated into the structure’s electrical system, whereas the plug-in units are those that you can easily plug in sockets.

On the other hand, hydronic towel warmers produce heat by allowing hot water to flow through the rails. The hot water is taken from the home’s internal hydronic heating system.

Installation process

Installation is also an important factor to consider when it comes purchasing towel warmers. Not only does it help you determine which model is more suitable for your home; it also lets you select one within your budget.

Hardwired electric towel warmers must be integrated into the electrical system of the house, so it may take some time and professional assistance. The plug-in electric towel warmers, on the other hand, similarly work like other household appliances, making them easily portable and the easiest to install.

In contrast to electric towel warmers, the hydronic type are harder to install. Since this type of towel warmers get their heat from the building’s hydronic heating system, these are usually installed as part of the original construction, or added into when the house is being remodeled.

Energy conservation

Generally, both the hardwired and plug-in electric towel warmers may consume as little energy as that of light bulbs, depending on their size and how often they are turned on. Additionally, newer models come with timers to help save up on the power usage just in case you forget to turn it off.

However, the real winner under this category are probably the hydronic towel warmers. Being incorporated into the hot water system of the building, they consume little to no additional power at all.


To summarize, selecting which type of towel warmer to invest your money on will all depend on which one fits your needs and budget. Electric models consume little energy and are easier to install while the hydronic ones, although harder to install, are more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, hydronic models can also last longer than its electric counterpart.

Nonetheless, both models are convenient and are a worthy investment. After all, owning a towel warmer provides you with many other benefits than just drying towels. It also keeps the bathroom warm enough that taking a bath no longer seems unbearable during the chilly winter months.

Best UV Towel Warmer: The Salon Sundry Combination Model



  • Meet hygiene: Since its UV sterilizer is designed to get away from a microorganism, it is totally hygienic to use it.
  • Great warmness: Its heating value is around 176 degrees Fahrenheit, which is flawless for various purposes.
  • Combo: Its combo of UV and heating feature is a great combination to employ.
  • Safety issue: It is safe with legitimate manufacturing.
  • Instructions: Instructions booklet comes with it and is quite easy to understand, so there is no need of any demo service for start using it.


  • The most ordinary trouble arises is that Salon sundry combination towel warmer Cabinet and UV sterilizer stops working properly after few months. Maybe it is because people are not using it according to instructions mentioned.

Salon sundry combination towel warmer Cabinet and UV sterilizer is a perfectly suited product for various means especially where it is required to the tepid towel in bulk.

It can be used in spa centers, beauty salon, massage therapists and hotels, etc.

It is a product which has its use in massive purposes.

It is a must have a product at these places, and if you run one, then you should consider it once.

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Efficient UV Sterilizer

This product has one prominent feature, and that is UV sterilizer.

Its UV sterilizer functions are distinct from its other functions and have different switches to function legitimately.

And they can clean almost every microorganism by killing them.

The device does this by creating UV light which uses 8 watts of power.

For protection from the rays (if its doors are open) it switches off automatically.

This is one of the UV sterilizers a must buy for any business holder with its utilization business.

Equal Heat-up

This towel warmer is an idyllic option for warming towels.

It uses 200 watts of power to heat towel almost equally as its temperature.

The ordinary size of towels can accommodate up to forty numbers approximately.

A separate unit is also included to store towels. This is a distinct unit and is detachable.

It measures 13” by 91/2”.

With so many towel accommodations it is perfect to use in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, salon, etc. are few to mention.

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A Nice Combination

Separate UV sterilizer and towel warmer are great products to use, and when the combination is available, then nothing can be better than this.

A UV bulb is pre-installed to create UV light.

When it combines with towel warmer, then results are tremendous.

Since the bulb is creating UV rays, it is essential that it should not come in contact with your skin and eyes and Salon sundry combination’s manufacturer took care of this.

They have made it absolutely safe to employ and stylish as well.

With these amazing features, it has got much more to tell and use.

You need to visit its website for more details.


Salon sundry combination towel warmer cabinet and UV sterilizer is a product I highly recommend.

If you are satisfied with the advantages I have mentioned and didn’t wait and think much, just go and grab yours.

Virtu Towel Warmer Review: The Virtu USA VTW-102A-PC Model



  • This towel warmer has 8 Electric Warming Towel Bars, which distribute electricity equally and make it highly energy-efficient.
  • It quickly dries the damp towel and decreases the chances of mildew. So keep it hygienic and fresh to use
  • By drying towel fast, it controls the musty odor and makes it comfortable to use.
  • It can be easily mounted on the wall, which makes it safer to use.


  • As this towel warmer from VirtuUSA works on electricity and you are using it for drying and hanging a damp towel. You need to take little care while using it.
  • The other problem with this towel warmer is its simple design. As some of us like everything, the designer may be a towel warmer only.

You all must have towel racks at your home or bathroom but what if you get a towel rack having the quality of towel warmer, which will dry your damp towel faster and keep it fresh?

To give you the comfort of a warm and fresh towel, Virtu USA has introduced the product VTW-102A-PC Kozë Collection towel warmer.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

8 Electric Warming Towel Bars

This towel warmer by Virtu USA come with eight electric warming towel bars, which not only help to warm the towel easily, but these 8 bars give it enough space as well.

These eight electric bars equally distribute the heat to the towel and make it dry in very fast.

To use a damp towel can be unhygienic and uncomfortable.

So this towel warmer helps in both the situation it reduce the chances of mildew on a wet towel as well as keep it dry and fresh, which feels more hygienic and comfortable to use.

Good Quality and Energy-efficient

The high quality and great finish both come together in this towel warmer.

It is made up of high-quality stainless steel. It has a polished chrome finish.

It comes with easy on-off switch button, which.

You just need to warm it for 10 minutes, and it is ready to work for you.

The equal distribution of electric power to its bars, distribute heat efficiently and does not cut your pocket for the electricity bill.

It use standard outlet of 120 volts and consume only 65 watts electricity powers of 0.54 amps.

So it is a perfect mix of good quality and energy efficient towel warmer.

Click here to see more about the product.

Easy to Install

This towel warmer comes with mounting hardware, which helps to install it over wall easily.

This easy installation makes it very safe to use.

You just need to install it at the convenient and safe place and you are done.

This easy installation not only makes it safe but it also takes very less space, which makes it very convenient to use.

Just install it at the suitable place in the bathroom and take the benefits of a warm, dry and fresh towel.


The Virtu USA VTW-102A-PC is best for you if you are looking for simple, elegant and high-quality towel warmer.

This towel warmer cum towel rack is not only energy-efficient but gives you hygienic dry and fresh towel to use.

So buy this towel warmer today and free yourself from damp and unhygienic towels.

Towel Spa Towel Warmer Review: Heatwave Industries Towel Spa Model



  • Simple to warm towels with just one press of button
  • Warms very quickly and is an efficient device
  • Have auto-turn off feature, so it will turn off automatically if it is kept on for too long
  • Not only towels you can warm baby blankets, socks and bathrobes with this spa towel warmer
  • Saves electricity
  • Compact in size, easy to carry and a low maintenance product


  • It is highly priced compared to other towel warmers in the market
  • The warmer should not leave unattended as it is an electric device you may get harm if not taken care of

Want to feel warm and cozy after a shower?

Then warm towel is the best way to make you feel amazing.

You can wrap yourself in a warm towel or in a warm bathrobe just after having a refreshing shower.

This Heatwave Industries towel spa is designed to warm your towels quickly with ease.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Quick and Easy Heating

It is quick, heatwave industries towel spa is very fast and warms your towel in just a few minutes.

It takes less time than you take a shower.

In this way, you will save your electricity as it takes very less time to heat up.

You don’t need to wait for a long time like other devices may take 15-30 minutes to get warm; this towel spa takes less than 6 minutes and gives you nice toasty warm towels in no time.

So, just take a good refreshing shower and meanwhile keep your towel in this spa to keep it warm.

When you come out, you will have ready your warm, cozy towel.

Compact Design, Easy To Carry

It is compact.

This towel spa is easy to carry and compact in size so that you can take it anywhere with you without much hustle and bustle of carrying heavy devices.

You can easily place it on any platform at your home or in a dry area in your bathroom.

You can move it from one bathroom to other with ease.

It will fit almost any corner of your home without in trouble.

All in all a compact, lightweight and simple towel spa to give you full advantage of the wonderful warm spa at home without spending much.

Click here to see more about the product.

Auto Turn-Off Facility

It has a feature of automatic turn off.

This is a wonderful feature, so if you forgot or got late to turn off the spa towel warmer then you don’t need to worry.

This warmer device will turn off the power automatically, and the warming will stop.

So you don’t need to worry much, this is a smart device with excellent features and quality for its users.

It is safe and will save your electricity with this auto turn off the feature.

Most devices don’t have this feature, and so they are risky if you forgot to turn off the button but with this warmer you are at very low risk.


Heatwave Industries Towel Spa is a great product to pamper yourself with warm and cozy towels as well as to keep you or your baby warm in chilly winter weather.

So if you’re are look to buy a spa towel warmer to give you a warm effect after shower then you are at the right place, this heatwave industries towel spa is the best product in this range with low maintenance and great performance.

You can see a number of positive consumer reviews on various sites.

Swivel Towel Warmer Review: The Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill Model



  • Warm towels to give you a refreshing look
  • Range of designs to best suit your bathroom
  • Range of sizes to best fit in your bathroom’s dimensions
  • Budget friendly
  • Provides additional room heat too thus making it multipurpose


  • Maintenance and installation are costly
  • Laying the towels properly is necessary

Towel warmers are used for drying your towel.

It is called a towel warmer in America but in other countries we call it as a heated towel rail.

A towel dryer, with a high heat output, can also be served as a radiator in your small bathroom.

Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill Towel Warmer might be a good fit to your desired needs.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Essential features are here

Everybody wants a dry environment in their bathrooms and previous spaces; this can only be done by employing a towel warmer in your bathroom’s equipment’s list.

There are two types of towel warmers: electronic and hydronic.

Both towel rails come in a variety of sizes and styles.

These towel rails can be single rail or double rail that accommodates one to two towels or a larger vertical application that can easily employ multiple towels.

It depends on the area of the bathroom and the number of persons to make a proper choice of the size of towel warmers you wants in your bathroom.

Choose from Amba’s complete range of uniquely designed and easily affordable wall mounted towel warmers.

I wish that this product could have come earlier than I must have used it for my baby.

No more worry about space

Amba is a company of towel warmers that specializes fully in creating comfortable modern bathrooms through the use of best quality towel warmers.

These unique, classy and multifunctional bathroom components can be used in your bathrooms to give you the feel of a luxurious bathing.

Each of the arms of the Amba J-B004 P is not fixed but can move independently which make it easy to use and easily accessible too.

You can use it for giving your towel a very dry feel which will give them brand new and fresh reappearance.

In fact, they can also serve you as heaters in bedrooms.

You can buy one with your choice of fragrances to assist you after the spa.

Click here to see more about the product.

Safe for everyday uses

The biggest plus point of this product is that it is totally safe to use.

It has got an automatic switch -off feature which makes it safer to use.

It is easily adaptable to its surrounding environment.

It will don’t harm you with any electric shock even in your washroom.

Other attractive features of this product include the swivel hinge unit can rotate up to 180 degrees, and each of its arms can move independently.

It has an integrated ON/OFF switch, which is available on the unit and with a pilot light.


When looking for a towel warmer, you can buy this Amba J-B004 P Swivel Jill with your eyes closed.

Some models may sound great but can be out of your budget range.

This model includes all the qualities of a good towel warmer and can give you excellent results.

Pollenex Towel Warmer With Chrome Handle Review



  • Quick heating is one the prominent factor which is required in today’s fast life and with so many options it is a product must have
  • Handy and very easy to use at a place of your choice
  • You can use it for warming jumbo size towels, wearable, blankets, hats, mitts and much more
  • You can employ fragrance of your choice and remove the stink from your towels or any other clothes
  • It can be used to dry clothes in damp weather
  • It is affordable with comparatively less price


  • There is no review from any of the customer. It can be thought in two ways, this is a product, which has no cons or else it is one with various

Pollenex Towel Warmer is a product you must have for many reasons.

A product which is required specifically in winters but it can be used in another season as well.

It’s packed in, and handy features make it a must-have at home.

Therefore, if you are the one who is a mother or a single woman there are lots of reasons to buy this product.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Suits All Home Users

For towel alone it can be used for two sets which can be as big as 40 into 70 inches.

It is a product which can be used for many other clothes as well as for blankets.

So it is a product via which you can show your buff and care to your family members.

It is a must have for new mothers as it will suits their needs legitimately.

Pollenex Towel Warmer is a product you must have to furnish warmth and heed to your baby.

If I were aware of this product earlier then must have used it for my baby.

Very Portable

The handy feature makes it quite trouble-free to use anywhere at home.

So you can use it at any damn place within your home.

Its chrome handle will help you in that.

If you want to go for a vacation than Pollenex Towel Warmer is a product you can carry their as well with ease.

If you are planning for a spa, then take a break because you can have it at your home without worrying about safety, costing, allergies and hygiene.

You can have it with your choice of fragrances you want to have after your spa.

Click here to see more about the product.

Absolutely Safe

It is totally safe to use.

If you forget to switch the towel warmer off, then you don’t need to worry.

You have got it right; you need not concern as it has got automatic switch off feature which makes it safe and secure to use.

It is an adaptable product which can be used even in washroom without worrying about current factors.

With so many benefits there are many other features as well like you can plug it into a standard power outlet, heats quite fast, etc.


What do I strongly feel about Pollenex Towel Warmer is that it is a product which is flawless with so many features.

A product which is available at an affordable price and is a must buy.

Nursery Spa Towel Warmer Review: Is This a Worthy Product?



  • Nursery Spa Towel & Clothing Warmer is portable,handy with the ability to accommodate large size baby clothing items at one go
  • It has provision of automatic shutoff that and cautious light indicator that makes it a safer choice
  • Gently warms the baby’s clothes in less than 10 minutes.


  • It has a strong smell of plastic when it is turned off after use.
  • Towel for an adult doesn’t fit in.

If you are looking for a handy,versatile towel and clothing warmer, Nursery Spa Towel and clothing Warmer is here for you as the best.

Well suited for outdoor location with the large space for accommodating wide range of baby items like clothes,towels and baby blankets etc.

Within a time of less than few minutes your little one is wrapped up in warm and cozy clothing.

It works well at outdoors and helps in warming clothes in a very cold day.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Spacious with large space for accommodation

Despite its portable and smaller looks it is quite spacious from inside and can accommodate a large bath sheet and multiple clothes in one go.

It has enough space to warm three towels and that too within a time frame of less than 10 minutes.

You can keep it in your bathroom, your bedroom or at the place of your convenience and you just need to press the switch off button and it will stop automatically when warming is done.

Freestanding with no requirement of fixed installation

This towel warmer is a freestanding unit and needs not to be installed at a fixed place.

You can take it along with you wherever you go.

It is not like wall mounted warmer that is fixed instead it is portable to use anywhere provided you have electricity supply.

It is the best choice for outdoor locations.

Click here to see more about the product.

Automatic turn off and cautious light as safety measure

The product will automatically shuts down when it warms the clothes with a provision for automatic shutoff and also has a warning indicator as the cautious light to provide safety measures.

So you need not to worry about switching it off once warming is done as it switches off itself.

The product is well designed to fit into the customer’s budget as comes at a much lower cost in comparison to heavy weight expensive products that are available in the market.

Designed and crafted by the experienced professionals, it ensures that your little one is wrapped in a cozy warm towel and clothes.


The Nursery Spa Towel Warmer is a flexible product which is convenient to use and gently warms all kinds of baby’s clothes, blankets and that too within time frame of less than 10 minutes.

No need to install it anywhere as it is freestanding and can be placed in the bathroom, bed room or even at the poolside and serves as a best option for using at outdoors.

Provision for automatic shut off and cautious light makes it a safer choice.

It provides you with along term solution for a safe,spacious, time saving towel and clothing warmer for your little one.

Myson Wall 8-Bar Towel Warmer Review: The Myson WPRL08 Model



  • Myson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel is a useful product for those who are looking to buy a good product at low prices. Ideally one should keep two towels on the rack at least 30 minutes before going for taking shower so that you will get a warm set of towels.


  • Since the product gets heated quite quickly so one has to be careful to keep the product away from touching with your bare hands and also from reach of your children. Also this product is not suitable for warming any other product except towels.

Most of us love to have warm towels after taking bath even when days are warm.

What more can you ask after each shower.

However most of us even think that having quality towel warmers is not easy to find or shop.

If you are thinking like that then start thinking again because Myson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount towel warmer is the best product for those who are looking to buy a quality towel warmer at low price within budget.

Towel warmer products from Myson are always known for its quality and even this product assures you supreme quality warm toasty towels which you will give you a perfect delight after shower.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Easy Installation

It is easier to buy a product but the one question which really gets into your mind is whether the installation would be easy or not?

This is where Myson GEM Series WPRL08 towels are a perfect option for those people who want to install a towel warmer easily at home.

The product comes with all the necessary installation accessories.

Even the model is ETL approved so you would not have to worry about quality of product.

Heats fast and hot

What I really liked about this product is that it gets you quick warm towels in no time.

It almost works like a radiator and warms your room as well.

Even the heating of towels is done without making any noise.

Most of us wonder whether the towels will actually get heated or not but this product gets you quick warm towels which will give you a great feeling.

Click here to see more about the product.

Fairly priced

Nothing can be better than purchasing a quality product at reasonable prices.

If you are searching for towel warmer options then you need to choose a product which offers you great number of features at much less price compared to other towel warmers in the market.

It provides you with a long term solution for a safe, spacious, time saving towel warmer at home.


Myson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel is a perfect option for those who are looking to buy a quality product at much reasonable prices.

If you are looking to install this product at home then you can first get the area reviewed by electrician as well so that a perfect fixed fitting can be available.

Myson Diamond Towel Warmer Review: The Myson WDIA12 Model



  • Adds up really well to the overall interior design with its bright finish.
  • Runs smoothly and doesn’t snag delicate materials.
  • Quality and style backed by well known brand.


  • In some of the reviews people complaint about towel not getting warm enough. But actually it is mainly because of people not keeping towels long time on the rack in order to allow it to get heated.

Are you searching for a Wall Mount Towel Warmer at your home?

If you are then you must choose Myson WDIA12 12-Bar Mount with an amazing stainless steel finish and comes with more heat and wattage to easily heat the towels easily.

The product comes with a plug and a cord which is easy to install without any hassles.

It is also efficient in terms of energy consumption and requires less power/electricity in a day.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Stainless steel finish

One of the best things which I really liked about Myson Towel warmer is that it is made of high quality finish.

It gives you a great chance to delight yourself with luxury.

Stainless steel used in Myson towel warmer is more than regular steel and has more life expectancy.

It comes with a polished finish and looks quite same as chrome. It has more attributes than standard chrome.

You can easily drape your towels on the rails without worrying about damage to your towels.

The complete finish is made of modern look that is desired to match your bathroom style.

Easy to install and maintain

Most of the times we face an issue with towel warmer is that is difficult to install or maintain when required.

However, this product comes with standard towel rack and also quite easily to maintain.

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping an electric model or maintaining it.

This product also comes with good warranty about various things.

Click here to see more about the product.

Power efficient

Another concern which most people face is that they think that keeping a towel warmer at your home will increase your budget expenditure as your power bills will increase.

But this is not the fact with towel warmers as these products come with a great power efficient mechanism that helps you save a lot of energy as well.

It can easily be left on 24 hours a day for long time.

All the models are approved by the government agencies.

In one of the reviews I have even seen that this product consumes less energy than light bulb.


Considering all the advantages and features, Myson 12-Bar Wall Mount towel warmer is a great buy especially for those who are looking to purchase a value for money product.

The product fits in well in your bathroom and gives it a great look.

Kontour Towel Warmer Review: The Kontour K4023E Linear Model



  • Made of superior quality with polished stainless steel
  • Gets heated in quick time within 5 to 10 minutes
  • Gives you a great feeling of warm towels as soon as you step out of the bathroom.


  • Might be a bit costly but the product is made of top quality which will ensure that you will get value for money product.

Are you searching for a towel warmer at your home which is made of unique design and style?

If yes then put your search to stop as Kontour K4023E linear towel warmer is well built design which is well suited for those who are looking to comfort yourself with luxury and style.

It is available in polished steel finish which is functional and also looks amazing.

You can easily dry your towels as well as bathrobes easily with the help of this product.

It is well suited for home decoration and styling.

The product is well designed to warm and dry towel as it gives you amazing feeling of comfort after you can bath and shower easily as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Polished Stainless Steel Sheet

Kontour towel warmers add more elegance and class to your bathroom.

It is available with polished stainless steel finish that is functional and sleek in looks.

Each of the towel bars are well suited to warm and dry your towels easily with the help of bathrobe.

You can feel the coziness and comfort of towels after having shower each time you wake up in the morning and put around warm towels.

Quick Dry and Heating Capability

What can be better than this linear towel warmer as you can easily it plug it in and program it with the help of timer so that you can get it heated in short interval of time.

As per the feature of this product, it gets the towels heated easily within 5 to 10 minutes.

It allows you flexible and convenient setting of your towel heating and help you prepare warm towels at home easily when you step out of bathroom.

Click here to see more about the product.

Superior quality and design

One of the most unique things about this product is that it gives you a superior quality design product that allows you to pleasure yourself with comfort easily.

You will be able to experience with exceptional value and high quality.

Most of us won’t be able to find much better quality linear towel warmer than from the ones manufactured by Kontour at this price.


If you are planning to buy a towel warmer and searching for high quality design product then this product from Kontour is well suited for you.

It is made of polished stainless steel and superior quality which will enhance your home.

Free Standing Electric Towel Warmer Review: Sharndy ETW78 Model



  • The product is made of superior quality with best functional design.
  • It is best suited for those who are looking to buy a product that would be useful for home decoration purposes as well.
  • Competitive price


  • Might be a bit hard to install if you mount it on the wall

Imagine yourself moving out of the bathing show into the world of luxury with warm and fresh towels await you on stylish warm racks.

Now you can easily pamper yourself with luxury and comfort of warm towels with Sharndy free-standing electric towel warmer.

This product is made of sleek and functional design that fits in your home with best home décor style.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Well built functions

Electric heated towel warmers are one of the key components in your bathroom as they operate at low cost.

Sharndy has come up with one of the best design of towel warmers which will delight you with luxury.

One of the key features of this product which I really liked is that it is freestanding and can also be wall mounted.

It is perfect for the variety of home decoration styling.

One can choose to fit it as per the requirement.

The size for this freestanding unit is 35.2421.8513.98 while for the wall mounted size is 33.8521.852.36.

I checked some of the reviews online and found out that many customers have purchased this product as a part of bathroom remodeling and used it for both standing and wall mounted unit.

Affordable price for everyone

If you start exploring in the market regarding electric heated towel warmers then you may not be able to find any of such products like those of Sharndy free-standing electric towel warmers.

It is one of the cheap products available in the market at an attractive cost and design.

Customers who have purchased this product love it and also believe that it is of great use as you come out of the shower in the morning and delight yourself with warm towels.

The feeling of using warm towels in the morning is something which will really rejuvenate your mind and body.

Click here to see more about the product.

Good design

If you are looking for redecorating your bathroom or home with something that would be functional, sleek and useful then this product will certainly fall into the category of those products.

The product has been crafted professionally and designed to fit under the budget.


Sharndy Free-Standing Electric Towel Warmers adds style and luxury to your home and bathroom.

And the fact that it is made of sleek, stylish and functional design means it can help you treat yourself with comfort and luxury of warm towels at home.

I would strongly recommend buying this product as it is one of the unique and useful product in this segment.

Conair Thermaluxe Towel Warmer Review: The Conair PTW1 Model



  • It has extra-large design. Hence, you can use very large towels as well without any issues.
  • Safety is very much enhanced with auto shut off function
  • You can accommodate the towel warmer very easily in bathroom
  • You should drop the towels into the unit so that they will become dry very quickly.


  • The product is discontinued by the manufacturer
  • It takes time to warm very thick towels.

If you install tower warmer which can warm your towel while you bath, there will be great convenience.

There are different kinds of designs and models available in the market.

You should choose the best one as per the size of towel, warming time and budget.

As you go through the review, you will be able to make an informed choice.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Accommodates large towels

The tower warmer is a necessity during cold climatic conditions and no sufficient ventilation is present in the bathroom.

Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 has the capacity to accommodate very large towels.

You will manage various kinds of towels and garments with the warmer very easily.

The unit is very portable so that you can install it at any place without any issues.

The warm up will take place while you take bath.

The dimensions of the unit are 13.2 x 14.2 x 14 inches.

The weight of the unit is 8 pounds.

Quick warming

The warming session will be very short.

The quick warming is guaranteed w with the warmer which is fitted with high quality heating element.

The unit uses standard power outlet so that there will be great convenience.

The auto shut off features will increase the life of the unit and you will be able to make the most of your investment.

There are many happy customers and I am one among them.

This unit certainly fulfills your personal needs in bathroom very efficiently and it is worth the price.

Click here to see more about the product.

Clean performance

As you use towel warmer on daily basis, there will not be any unpleasant smell.

The heating cycle will complete very quickly and the clothing will be dried in a perfect way.

If you are going for the remodeling of the bathroom, you can make space to accommodate Conair Therma Luxe towel warmer so that there will be great performance.

The unit can be stored very easily in the bathroom and the cord is flexible enough to move.

Your towels will be really hot in few minutes when you use the towel warmer as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.


Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 comes with great design.

It fares well in terms of size, shape and performance.

Instead of folding towels, you should drop them into the warmer so that the heat will be distributed uniformly and you will be able to use a dry towel in few minutes.

If you would like to present the best gift during the winter, you should consider tower warmer.

Place your today to get best price!

Brookstone Towel Warmer Review: Is It Money Worthy?



  • Lid lets you observe what is inside the unit
  • In addition to towels, you can dry gloves and mitten as well.
  • It is very easy to use the warmer unit. You can follow the instructions so that the drying will be done very efficiently.
  • Simple operation
  • Energy-efficient performance


  • You should ensure that warming cycle is completed so that the drying will be done very efficiently.
  • It takes long time to dry large and thick towels

If you are looking for a quick and efficient towel warmer, you are advised to go through this Brookstone product review.

The towel warmer comes with extra large design so that you will be able to make the most of your investment.

It is possible to see what is inside through the transparent lid.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Large design

As the size of the unit is very high, you will be able to accommodate two large-size towels.

What is inside the unit can be checked through the transparent lid.

The dimensions of the unit are 13 x 13 x 22 inches.

And its weight is of 10.2 pounds.

You will be wrapped in toasty warmth as you depend upon Brookstone towel warmer.

It has a built-in heating element.

The towels will be warm when you keep inside the warmer.

You can catch a perfectly dried towel after coming out of the shower.

Flexible features

There are flexible features which will let you make the most of your investment.

The unit can be plugged into the 120 volts AC outlet and it will be operational instantly.

The auto shut off features will help you save power.

If the required temperature is attained, it will shut off automatically and very quickly.

The warmer will let you indulge into everyday extravaganza right at home.

You will get spa-like feeling when you arrange your bathtub and warmer as per your needs.

Towels of size 40” x 70” are very much accommodated without any issues.

Click here to see more about the product.

Quick operation

You will be able to warm towels to 120 degrees in just 10 minutes.

In addition to towels, you will be able to warm up blankets and clothing without any issues.

You can place up to 2 towels and the lid should be closed.

As you press the warming button, the drying will take place in a very efficient way.

The safety of the unit is enhanced through the silicon heating element.

The entire towel will be warmed very evenly.

You can dry mittens and gloves as well.

You can present the warmer as a gift to your loved ones.


This Brookstone towel warmer will deliver the goods in the best possible way.

You can order the towel warmer online and it will be dispatched to your doorsteps in good packing.

The instructions provided on the unit should be followed so that the life of the unit is very much enhanced.

Place your order today to buy the industry-leading towel warmer at best price!

Brookstone Towel Spa Towel Warmer Review: The TSK-5202MM Model



  • The warmer can be used on daily basis. Hygienic conditions in the bathroom can be maintained all through the year.
  • The unit, Brookstone TSK-5202MM delivers excellent performance. There will be consistent delivery of service from the unit.
  • It is a value for money product.
  • Durable and liked by many customers. You can use it for many years without any issues.
  • You can dry towels very easily in winter


  • Not large enough to handle big towels
  • Comes with only basic features

You know what?

If you would like to warm towels in few minutes and take advantage of automatic shut off, you can go for Brookstone TSK-5202MM.

As I am in search of portable towel warmers, have across this model.

It delivers excellent performance and you can go through the features to know more about it.

There are many customers who are using the unit for more than one year and there are no complaints.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Portable towel warmer

The portable towel warmer can be used very easily.

The towels will be toasted in few minutes so that you will get fresh and hygienic feeling.

It is true that the dampness that is persistent in winter season attributes to various kinds of health complications.

When you have access to towel drier, it will be very handy to apply on your face and the dampness can be overcome in an effortless manner.

The model can be used as counter-top as per your convenience.


In addition to towels, you will be able to use the warmer to dry blankets and other robes.

It is possible to warm up two numbers of bath sheets of size 40 x 70 very easily.

The warming up can be done in less than 5 minutes.

This unit’s dimensions are 15.8 x 12.8 x 10.6 inches.

The weight of the unit is 6.6 pounds.

The product can be purchased for your personal needs.

It can be presented to your loved ones as well.

The unit will shut off automatically after the completion of drying.

Click here to see more about the product.

Quality product

The manufacturer, Brookstone maintains very high quality standards.

In addition to the usage of very high quality material, the unit comes with excellent workmanship.

Every unit will be released into the market after completing all stages of quality checks.

If you find any manufacturing defect, the replacement or repair will be done without any issues.

The brand offers excellent support so that customers will have great satisfaction.

It delivers best performance in the winter season.


Brookstone TSK-5202MM is a very affordable and portable counter-top towel warmer.

The warming function will take place in a very efficient way so that there will not be any issues.

The unit can be installed very easily.

You can dry up towels, bed sheets and various kinds of clothes.

If you have space constraint in the bathroom, you can go for Brookstone.

Purchase the best model which delivers the purpose for many years!

Ancona Towel Warmer Review: The Ancona Comfort 8 Floor Mount Model



  • Very much affordable
  • Can be installed very easily. The instructions are provided by the manufacturer
  • It has carbon steel construction with chrome finish. It will last a very long time
  • comes with good certification/warranty
  • Presented in an attractive styling
  • You will certainly be able to make the most of your investment


  • Timer function is not present
  • Offers basic features only. If you need advanced features, you should go for higher versions

There are different kinds of towel warmers in the market.

You can settle for the best model based on the type (floor mount/wall mount), wattage, versatility and other features.

You can go through Ancona Comfort 8 to keep your bathroom dry and mold-free.

If you go through the review, you will take informed decision.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Free-standing towel warmer

This is a free-standing towel warmer.

I have chosen this model, because we have enough room to accommodate the warmer on the floor.

The unit comes with carbon steel construction with Chrome finish.

It can be assembled very easily.

If you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, the installation can be done in the best possible way.

The unit comes with standard materials so that you will be able to make the most of your money.

Certified product

Ancona Comfort 8 Floor Mount is a certified product and it will deliver the results as per the claims of the manufacturer.

The towel warmer features Mediterranean styling.

There are 8 slightly curved bars.

Users will have the luxury of managing warm towels at all times.

You will be able to keep towels fresh between laundering.

You can use the product in different rooms as the plug-in feature facilitates this operation.

The weight of the unit is 11 pounds.

The dimensions of the product are 12 x 24 x 37 inches.

Click here to see more about the product.


There are various kinds of models in the market.

If you are looking for a very affordable and safe model, Ancona Comfort 8 Floor Mount is the best option.

The unit comes with 6 feet power cord. It will be plugged into a standard 3-pin electrical outlet.

The unit can be installed in a convenient location and it can be maintained very easily.

You can take advantage of the warranty and customer/technical support as well.

The well designed and functional product will serve your personal needs and it will be a great companion in your bathroom.


If you would like to go for an affordable towel warming solution, you can choose Ancona Comfort 8 Floor Mount.

The unit is made with high-quality finish.

It can be relocated very easily.

Towels are dried very easily and you can maintain the unit very easily.

The 6 feet power cord gives you great flexibility so that you can move it from one location to another location very easily.

Order it today if you would like to take price advantage!

Amba Sirio Towel Warmer Review: The Amba S 2921 P Model



  • Very silent operation
  • Inexpensive as it fits into your budget
  • It is very easily to install it on the wall and to connect to the power socket.
  • Serves dual purpose as towel warmer and space heater


  • It can hold two towels side by side. However, you should want to fold those towels to accommodate them and dry them properly.
  • The consumption of the energy will be very high if you would like to switch on for the whole day.


If you are planning to purchase bathroom equipment that serves as towel warmer and space heater, you should go through the S 2921 P Sirio series developed by Amba.

It has the capability to dry large towels.

The model comes with versatile features.

You can manage bathrobes in the best condition with the product.

Amba has delivered various kinds of towel warmers and these are highly sophisticated and affordable.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Serves dual purpose

Amba S 2921 P Sirio serves as towel warmer as well as space heater.

It is made with Italian heating system with no liquid.

It is the best option for households as you can manage high quality equipment at best price.

The dual purpose radiator will deliver the performance very efficiently.

The novel design allows extra towel bars and hooks.

The unit is made up of stainless steel.

Hence, you can use it on long-term basis without any issues.

If you follow the instructions, you will be able to install the unit very easily.

Maximum functionality

The model is crafted to deliver maximum functionality.

It meets the safety standards.

It has great visual appeal.

The programmable timer can be used to control the equipment on a 24/7 basis.

You can dry large towels and they can be used in a very hygienic condition without any issues.

Bathrobes can be dried very easily.

The product is prepared to meet international standards.

In addition to the great functionality guaranteed by the manufacturer, you can also take advantage of excellent customer and technical support.

Click here to see more about the product.

Silent operation

The unit operates very silently and there will not be any noise during the winter season as well.

You will get freshness as you enter the bathroom.

The innovative Italian design will keep you in a comfortable position.

The unit has great looks and lets you dry many towels without any difficulty.

The unit is simple and affordable solution for households.

The Italian heating system comes with no liquid.

There will be even heating and the heating will take place very quickly.

The product meets stringent European child safety standards.


If you do not have much ventilation in your bathroom and would like to keep your towels in dry condition, you should go for Amba S 2921 P Sirio dual purpose unit.

The towel warming activity as well as space heating will be accomplished.

You will not want to spend a fortune to purchase the unit.

It is a value for money product to keep your bathroom and yourself in hygienic condition.

Amba Quadro Towel Warmer Review: The Amba Q 2042 P Model



  • Available in custom designs
  • Frame is made up of 304 stainless steel
  • Integrated on/off switch
  • Bathroom will stay warm, mold and mildew free
  • Crafted to deliver maximum functionality and visual appearance
  • Wall mounted and hard-wired installation design


  • It is a bit expensive. Even though the warmer delivers excellent performance, you should be willing to pay for the expensive bathroom accessory.
  • Finish option is subject to availability

If you would like to keep your bathroom dry and free from mold and mildew, you should go for best quality towel warmer.

The selection of warmer should be done based on price, features and space.

You can opt for programmable timer as well.

You should go for towel warmers that you can keep your bathroom warm.

And this 791 BTU Amba Q 2042 P Quadro towel warmer is one of them.

Click here for a good deal on this product.

Great ambience

You will keep your towels in a well organized way by going for best quality towel warmer.

After the installation of the towel warmer, the look of the bathroom will be very much enhanced.

It is possible to organize items in a very handsome way.

The placement of the warmer can be done near the sink or tub so that there will be great convenience.

If it is attached near the tub, you will be able to pick up your favorite towel very easily after the completion of the bath.

You can maintain the Amba Q 2042 P Quadro towel warmer very easily.

Fresh and dry

The clothing is kept fresh and dry.

It is possible to maintain hygienic conditions at all times without any issues.

The towel warmer is fixed directly to the wall.

The installation can be done very easily.

There are 16 rectangular rungs. They can be used to hand towels, hand-towels, bathrobes and many more items.

The moisture can be eliminated in a very efficient way.

The towel warmer comes in your choice of oil-rubbed bronze finish.

You can maintain comfortable year round temperature without any issues.

Temperature can be adjusted between 131°F and 167°F.

Click here to see more about the product.


Amba Q 2042 P Quadro is supported by thick and durable stainless steel material.

In addition to oil-rubbed bronze finish, you can also go for brushed steel or polished steel.

You should contact the vendor to choose the best finish option.

The bathroom will be kept at optimum temperature with the durable space heater.

The temperature can be adjusted by using the digital thermostat.

You can take advantage of authentic Italian design.

Products are approved for safety in US and Canada.

As you go for reliable Amba product, there will be great comfort and convenience.

The towel warmer delivers excellent performance all through the year.


Amba produces finest bathroom equipment and accessories.

It is a great product.

I am very much delighted with its appearance, usability and features.

You can set timer so that required temperature can be maintained on round the clock basis without any issues.

The product is very much suggested.

regular morning showers

10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Good Shower Everyday

There are about a million and one different reasons as to why you’re going to want to take a good long shower each and every morning, and though a lot of them have to do with keeping clean – and smelling fresh – there are a bunch of other benefits you’re going to be able to enjoy as well.

We break down 10 of the best reasons to shower every day below!

1) There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with a great shower

morning shower

Look, no matter how the day before (or the night before) worked out for you, each and every one of us need a little bit of help jumpstarting our morning. It really doesn’t get any better than a nice cup of coffee and a good long hot (or cold) shower!

2) It’s a great way to relax after a long day at work

shower after work

On the flip side, we are all dealing with a lot more stress and pressure than we are probably used to – and it’s only getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Stepping into a nice warm shower after a long stressful day at work is the best way to relax, unwind, and just kind of let it all out. The worry and stress of the previous day just seems to head down the drain with all the warm water that cascades off your body.

3) It’s the ONLY way to get the smell of the gym off of you

shower after workout

If you’re like millions and millions of people all over the world that are busy getting in solid work at the gym every day, keeping yourself healthy and looking your very best, your cranking up quite a bit of sweat and more than a little bit of “funk” at the same time.

The only way – the ONLY way – to get rid of the smell of the gym on your body (regardless of what you may have heard from those AXE body spray commercials) is to spend a little bit of time underneath the shower.

4) You’ll have a chance to clear your mind and open up “shower thoughts”

thinking under shower

Each and every single person has had some of their best thoughts, some of their best ideas, and some of their best breakthroughs standing underneath the head of a shower as the hot water just comes pouring down.

There’s something about the silence that sets us up perfectly to clear our minds, to open up our creativity, and to just kind of work through any and all of the issues that have been bugging us down for a while.

If you need a big breakthrough, give the shower a try!

5) Your skin and your hair will thank you

hair washing

Although there are some that aren’t all that crazy about showering every day because they think it’s bad for your skin or your hair, the truth of the matter is daily showers aren’t ever going to cause you any trouble unless you’re using heavy-duty cleaners every time you step under the water.

So skip the super shampoo or the body washes every other time you climb underneath the shower head and you won’t have anything to worry about at all!

In fact, your skin and your hair will be in even better shape if you pay attention to this advice.

6) The shower is the perfect place to speed up recovery and breakdown tightness in your body

relaxing shower

There’s a reason why elite level athletes all over the world make their first trip into the locker room a trip to the shower, then the hot job, and then an ice bath – and maybe back around again after that.

Water has an amazing ability to help speed up rest and recovery, as well as breakdown all of the kind of tightness in tension you’ve likely built up over time. Hot water and cold water, when used in conjunction with another in the shower, can really help you breathe new life into your body, speed up recovery come and help you eliminate aches and pains.

7) You’ll be able to “get away from it all” for at least a little while

quiet moment when showering

It’s almost impossible to get a little bit of quiet time these days.

Almost all of us have ridiculously fast paced lifestyles, are always attached to a mobile device, and really don’t have even the littlest bit of time for ourselves. The shower gives you a chance to step out of the rest of the world for 15 minutes or so and just kind of center yourself.

8) It’s the next best thing to a hot tub

shower and bath

If you have ever spent any time in a boiling hot on top, just sitting and relaxing away, you know exactly how beneficial a super hot shower can be.

Resting underneath a pounding shower head that is pouring hot water all over your body is going to give you a big boost, but it’s going to work even better if you hit yourself with a blast of cold water before you slide under the hottest water you can handle.

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

9) You’ll feel more confident attacking the day after a nice long shower

good morning shower

Everybody feels a lot better when they have taken a shower.

People feel cleaner, people feel more organized, and people feel more clearheaded. There’s just something about the shower in the ritualistic process of washing everything away that gives us a second chance to start the day fresh again that’s really rewarding.

The odds are pretty good that you were going to feel super confident attacking the day after nice long hot shower!

10) You’ll get the chance to wrap yourself in a nice toasty towel

wrapping towel after shower

With the help of the best towel warmers money can buy, you’re going to be able to wrap up each and every single shower with a nice fluffy and toasty towel. You can say goodbye to damp or chilly towels (especially in the colder weather), and start your day off the right way with a beautifully toasted towel courtesy of your new towel warmer!

mistakes to avoid with towel warmers

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Towel Warmer?

Investing in a brand new towel warmer can be a life changing experience.

This amazing technology used to only be found in high-end spas and resorts.

But today, you have the opportunity to install one of these game changers in your very own bathroom!

At the same time, you are going to want to make sure that you understand exactly what you’re getting into.

While these bathroom appliances seem really simple and straightforward on the surface, you need to be sure that you aren’t making any of the 10 common mistakes people make with these towel warmers all the time.

Let’s break those 10 mistakes down right now.

Choosing the wrong brand towel warmer

One of the biggest mistakes, if not the biggest mistake, you can make when it comes time to invest in a towel warmer is not taking the time to find a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

Because these products have become so popular in just the last few years there are a lot of knock offs flooding the market right now. These knockoffs are not only cheap looking and cheap performing, but they also have a lot of safety concerns that most people aren’t aware of.

Stay as far away from them as humanly possible!

Choosing the wrong style towel warmer

Another big mistake that you are going to need to try and avoid if possible is choosing the wrong style towel warmer for your bathroom.

Almost all of the major manufacturers in the space produce a variety of different style towel warmers, with one design for pretty much every bathroom design aesthetic imaginable. You are going to want to be sure that you do your research to find one that improves the overall look of your bathroom without breaking your bank account in the process.

This isn’t always going to be easy, but it is mission critical.

Choosing the wrong power source

There are a lot of different kinds of towel warmer options available on the market today, but all of them can be broken down into three major categories:

It’s going to be impossible to choose the right towel warmer for your specific needs without finding the one that matches the power source you are most interested in using.

Hardwired electric towel warmers are the most powerful and consistent, but plugged in electric towel warmers are the most convenient. Hydronic towel warmers use your hot water to radiate heat, and are some of the fastest working towel warmers – as well as some of the best looking!

Choosing the wrong capacity towel warmer

You are going to find towel warmers in almost every imaginable shape and size. This means that you are going to be able to find a towel warmer that matches your capacity needs, heating and warming all of the towels that you would like to have taken care of at one time.

I just make sure that you are moving forward with a capacity that suits your needs right down to the ground, not the largest or smallest capacity just because it was something that you came across first.

Getting the installation of your towel warmers wrong

Plugged in electric towel warmers are and going to require any special installation, but the other two types of towel warmers most definitely will.

Unless you are completely comfortable with doing your own electrical and plumbing work, all around the wet work space that is the bathroom, you are going to want to call in the professionals to handle the heavy lifting for you.

This isn’t something that you want to fool around with.

Neglect the importance of a timer

Though many of the best towel warmer options on the market today come with built in timer technology that acts as a safety shut-off valve, not all of them have this feature.

You need to be certain that you are using a timer with all of your towel warmer. If you don’t, you run the risk of fire or electrical hazards that could have been completely avoided simply by using a shutoff switch or timer.

Safety needs to be your number one priority when you’re using one of these solutions.

Install the device on a too small surface

As mentioned above, you are going to be able to find towel warmers in almost every imaginable size, shape, and form factor.

But you are going to need to think about the dimensions of your bathroom that you are able to play with to find the right solution that fits your needs – and your bathroom – perfectly.

A lot of people have even taken to installing their towel warmers in a walk in closet so that they get extra space for extra large solutions. This might be something that you’ll want to at least consider.

Go wild with all the “bells and whistles”

Don’t buy products that are too technical for your daily use.

The overwhelming majority of towel warmer solutions on the market right now come with simple and straightforward control mechanisms.

At the same time, some of them come with control mechanisms that are almost too confusing to understand. These kinds of towel warmers won’t offer you the control you need over this technology.

Really try to find options that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and utility when it comes to controls.

Install electric towel warmer too close to a water supply or a splash zone

Because bathroom spaces can be a little bit cramped.

And because real estate in your bathroom may be at a premium, you might have to resist the temptation to install your towel warmer too close to water.

This would be a major – and potentially fatal – mistake.

For obvious reasons you’re going to want to keep an electric towel warmer as far away from your water supply or splash zones as possible.

And even if you are going with a hydronic option, you’ll still want to make sure that it’s free and clear of any water.

This definitely isn’t a mistake that you’re ever going to want to make.

Don’t add a towel warmer just because “others are doing it”

Towel warmer solutions – even the least expensive ones available – aren’t exactly the cheapest things to purchase.

On top of that, they consume a tremendous amount of energy and are going to increase your utility bills at least a little bit.

So, you better make sure that you’re adding one for the right reasons, and understand that it is a serious investment that will have a tremendous return going forward!

10 things to have in modern bathroom

10 Essential Things You Need in Your Bathroom

There have been a lot of the big breakthroughs in the world of bathroom technology, and honestly you have to be at least a little bit crazy to not consider upgrading your bathroom space with at least a handful of these “new essentials”.

All of the 10 new essentials you need to have in your bathroom today that we’ve listed below are going to add a lot of value and utility to your home, but aren’t ever going to threaten to break your bank account, either.

These are the kinds of essential upgrades you’ll want to make ASAP!

1) A toilet that is as comfortable (and as efficient) as possible

modern bathroom toilet

The majority of people today are planting themselves on a toilet that is at least 15 years old (and maybe even a little bit older than that), and that means that this bit of porcelain has seen quite a bit of mileage – and more than a few visitors.

New toilets are a lot more comfortable, use a lot less water, and are designed to provide your bathroom with a tremendous boost in the looks department.

But it can be a bit expensive as well.

This is one of the first essential things you’re going to want to upgrade in your bathroom the very first chance you get.

2) The best lighting that money can buy

modern bathroom lighting

Bathrooms are usually quite poorly lit (especially when it comes to natural light), but that’s because people aren’t at all excited about having a bunch of windows in the bathroom for obvious reasons.

Thankfully, lighting solutions and lighting technology has come a long way in just the last 20 years or so, and now you’re going to have the opportunity to add a tremendous amount of extra light to your space without having to sacrifice privacy – or blow up your bank account along the way.

LED lights are especially useful. They don’t use a lot of energy, are incredibly customizable, and give you the kind of bright light – or dim light – that you’re looking for.

3) A mirror that going to get the job done


bathroom mirror

Most people stick with the vanity mirror that was in their bathroom when they bought the property, and for some folks that’s not a deal-breaker for all that much of an issue.

However, you can get your hands on a much larger and a better lit mirror for next to nothing these days – and there’s no real reason not to make the upgrade if you have the spare cash in your bank account.

You’ll find it easier to get ready in the morning, but you’ll also find that it adds a lot of extra “space” in bathrooms that would otherwise feel a little bit cramped.

4) The fluffiest towels you can get your hands on

bathroom towels

There is a reason why most people want to steal the towels at high-end hotels, resorts, and spas – they are about the fluffiest and most comfortable things you can get your hands on!

You’re going to have the opportunity to buy those exact same kinds of towels to outfit your bathroom with, and you’ll definitely want to take the plunge when you do. These towels are thick, luxurious, and oh so comfortable, and are going to make your mornings (or your evenings) a lot better.

This is especially true if you go ahead and add…

5) An elite level towel warmer to keep those fluffy towels toasty

towel warmers

… To your bathroom!

A top-notch towel warmer (like a wall mounted and hardwired or plumbed in towel warmer) is going to make sure that your towels are nice and toasty whenever you step out of the shower, but they’re also going to help you avoid doing a bit of extra laundry as well.

Top-notch towel warmers aren’t going to come cheap, especially those that you have to hardwired or plumbed into your hot water heating system, but they are well worth the extra investment!

6) Radiant heating throughout

radiant heating system

Speaking of keeping things nice and toasty, you’ll want to at least consider upgrading your flooring.

Not with new tile (though that might be something that you’re interested in), but instead with radiant heating throughout. Slipping into a nice and toasty towel is going to be one thing, but you’ll want to keep your toes nice and toasty, too – and only radiant heating is going to get that job done!

7) A bathmat that is beautiful AND safe


Bathrooms are notorious for being pretty unsafe environments, and it’s easy to understand why.

Anytime you mix water with super slick surfaces (and throw in some electricity to boot), you run the risk of serious injury. This is why you’ll want to add a bathmat that is not only beautiful to upgrade the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, but one that is also perfectly safe as well.

8) An adjustable thermostat that controls your shower valves


There is something to be said about the simplicity of simply twisting a shower knob from hot to cold until you hit the perfect temperature somewhere in the middle, but adjustable thermostat controlled valves are going to open up a world of control that you never would have had before.

These thermostatic shower valves are incredibly popular today, and are likely going to be the “next big thing” in shower technology.

9) Window treatments that bring in light but locking privacy

bathroom window treatment

If you’re going to be adding natural light into your bathroom you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t sacrifice any privacy, so make sure that your upgraded window treatments are going to get the job done on both fronts.

Opaque window treatments with a pattern usually get the job done quite well, so think about adding those kind of window treatments to your bathroom space.

10) Storage options for your personal stuff

bathroom storage

Lastly, each and every single bathroom on the planet would benefit from some additional storage, and the odds are pretty good that your bathroom is no different.

Look for as many ways as possible to build extra storage space into your bathroom (especially open shelves that aren’t going to clutter the place up), and you will really be off to the races!

bathroom design ideas

10 Practical Bathroom Design Ideas You Can Use Today

If you’ve been thinking about making a couple of upgrades to your bathroom, you’re going to come across literally hundreds and hundreds of different ideas.

Most of them are going to be cosmetic upgrades (and who doesn’t love adding a bit of style and flair to their home – not to mention more than a little bit of extra value), but the best bathroom design ideas are going to be beautiful AND functional.

We’ve broken down 10 of the very best practical bathroom design ideas out there right now below, giving you all kinds of inspiration to tackle your new bathroom remodel!

1) Open shelves everywhere

open shelves bathroom

Storage is always critically important in the bathroom, but a lot of people are abandoning closed-end bathroom cabinets and storage areas in favor of open shelves absolutely everywhere they can squeeze them in.

Not only do open shelves really open up smaller spaces, but they also make everything a lot more effortlessly accessible as well.

2) Radiant heating throughout all the floors

heated bathroom floor

If you’ve ever had to step out of a beautifully warm shower into the freezing cold of a winter bathroom, you know exactly how much of a big benefit radiant heating in your floors can be.

Radiant heating technology in the bathroom has come a long way in the last few years, and honestly you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to go in this direction if you are looking for a practical upgrade.

3) All kinds of light (especially natural light)

natural light bathroom

Bathrooms, for a variety of different reasons, all aren’t exactly the best lit rooms in the home.

Natural light is especially sparse, mostly because people are (understandably so) concerned about their privacy. But the more light you were able to bring into a space the more comfortable you’re going to make it, especially if that light is natural light that doesn’t compromise your privacy.

4) Universally designed shower stalls and fixtures

universal shower stall

Universal design principles are starting to show up pretty much everywhere, and not just in the homes of those that require them (like those with physical handicaps). Designing your new bathroom remodel in a universal design motif is not only going to add a tremendous amount of utility to the space, but it’s also going to add a lot of extra value as well.

After all, when you’re bathrooms are designed using universal design principles, they’re going to be accessible to everyone – opening up a much larger pool of potential buyers.

5) The best bathroom towel warmer you can get your hands on

best towel warmers

Finally, you’re going to want to think about getting your hands on the best bathroom towel warmer money can buy.

There are a lot of different options available on the market today – some of them running off of electricity, others off of radiant hot water heat – which is why you’ll want to try and zero in on an option that fits your budget, fits your installation designer (standalone, wall-mounted, or towel cabinet), and offers you a tremendous amount of utility without breaking the bank at the same time.

You’ll never again have to worry about throwing your towels in the dryer (say goodbye to extra laundry) and will always have super toasty towels when you step out of the shower as well!

6) Nonslip surfaces everywhere


non slip bathroom floor

Bathrooms are notoriously dangerous because of the mixture of water and slippery surfaces, so you’ll want to think about innovative and creative ways to integrate nonslip surfaces absolutely everywhere if possible.

This doesn’t have to be commercial grade nonslip rubber surfaces like you’re used to seeing in restaurants or in commercial fitness centers, but can instead be intelligently designed nonslip surfaces specifically designed to be included in high-end bathroom designs.

You will boost your safety dramatically, as well as the value of your home.

7) Hidden storage wherever you can squeeze it in

hidden storage bathroom

Another great idea is to find as many hidden storage solutions as you can in your bathroom, looking to shoehorn in any and every bit of extra storage you’re able to.

Think about building in storage between the studs, think about multipurpose storage solutions and bathroom furniture/fixtures, and always try to get a couple of other places to stock up and store bathroom essentials.

It might not seem all that effortless to pull off at first, but it will definitely pay off big time in the long run.

8) A steamer set up installed in your shower

steam shower

One of the ultimate luxury additions that you were going to be able to add to your bathroom that is also quite practical is some kind of steamer/sauna set up.

There is no better way to unwind, relax, and break down the stress and pressure of the day before the van sliding into your own steamer unit or home sauna. Seriously, it’s the kind of practical luxury that can completely transform your life as well as the value of your home.

9) An extendable shower wand

extendable shower hand

People are going absolutely crazy about multiple shower head units and rainfall shower heads in particular, but if you’re looking for a practical solution that will pay off big dividends immediately, you’re going to want to look at extendable shower wand options.

These fully adjustable shower head fixtures are going to give you the ability to hit every single square inch of your body while still standing under a rainfall shower head or a traditional shower head. You’ll be able to clean yourself faster, you’ll be able to target “trouble spots” and tight muscles, and you’ll be able to really relax and unwind with one of these in your shower.

10) A brand-new toilet to sit upon

brand new toilet for bathroom

The overwhelming majority of people are going to spend at least a little bit of time on the toilet every single day, and that’s a lot of sitting down – especially if you’re sitting down on a much older toilet that just wasn’t designed for modern people.

Modern toilets aren’t at all expensive, are a lot more comfortable, and offer a big boost in the reliability and dependability departments. Not only that, but the majority of new toilets today are manufactured to be a lot more efficient, helping you save big time on your water bills without causing any slowdown in the results they are capable of producing.

top towel warmer brands

Top 7 Best Towel Warmer Brands You Should Know About

If you have been on the hunt for the very best table warmer brands available on the market today, you have come to the right place!

Have we have scoured the market to break down seven of the very best towel warmer brands you are going to come across.

Each and every one of these companies are responsible for manufacturing great towel warmer options – some of them using electronic heating elements with others using hydraulic solutions – with these products giving you the kind of luxury performance you are expecting.

Hopefully you are able to use the inside information included below to buy the best towel warmer for your needs.

Let’s dive right in!

Spa Luxe


Responsible for some of the most elegantly designed towel warmer see you are going to come across that way you’ll find this company produces top solutions using only the best construction materials available.

Though some of their towel warmers are a little bit more expensive than other options available on the market today, many find them to be worth the extra investment.

The hardwired electric towel warmers that they offer are consistently rated among the best in the business. They are capable of producing consistent and reliable heat that keeps your towels nice and toasty, but they are also incredibly energy efficient.

Sure, you are going to have to spend a little bit of extra money to have professional electricians install these kinds of towel warmers – but that extra expense is going to result in a much cleaner finished product and one that dramatically boosts the value of your home considerably.

All things considered, you really can’t go wrong when you decide to go with towel warmers produced by this brand. A relatively inexpensive, very well made, and designed to fit any bathroom aesthetic imaginable, they are everything you have been looking for and then some!

Beauty Pro

beauty pro

Another of the more impressive towel warmer brands on the market right now, these towel warmers are definitely some of the most elegantly designed and some of the most “fashion forward”. Deciding to bring these into your bathroom is always going to be a smart play.

Probably most well known for the radiant heat towel warmers they manufacture that use your hot water supply to get the job done, these towel warmers are consistently in high demand. General contractors responsible for completing high end renovations almost always choose this brand when they want the finished product to be something truly special.

These towel warmers are usually some of the most expensive options you’ll have the chance to move forward with. That’s because they only use the highest end construction materials available, and also because of the engineering behind these towel warmers is second to none. You are going to find these towel warmers to be almost unparalleled in the luxury bathroom upgrade segment, and you would have to be at least a little bit crazy to look at other options if your budget allows for one of these to be installed.

At the same time, you have to understand that you are almost always going to have to hire professional plumbers to come in and install your new towel warmer from this company. That’s because these towel warmers leverage the hot water supply already plumbed in your home tube reduce the radiant heat that keeps your towels toasty, and this isn’t exactly the kind of job that most people are willing to tackle on their own.

That’s easy to understand why, though – after all, you don’t want to cause serious damage to your home with ruptured plumbing and hot water pouring out all over the place!

At the end of the day, if you want to be able to trust that you are purchasing some of the best towel warmers available on the planet from a reputable and reliable brand you know you are going to be able to trust, this is the brand that you are going to want to move forward with.

Baby Journey

baby journey

Manufacturing some of the most impressive new towel warmers to be released in the last few years, this company has been absolutely knocking it out of the park with towel warmers that are perfectly designed and attractively priced.

Even though these towel warmers aren’t is the most over-engineered towel warmers that you’re going to come across on the market today – they aren’t filled with all kinds of advanced technology the way that some other more expensive towel warmers are – they are still going to get the job done consistently and reliably.

Many of the towel warmers that this company manufactures are made using sustainable materials or recycled materials, a pretty big deal for those that want to make sure that their bathroom remodel project is as green as can be.

Their towel warmers are very impressive. They have relatively inexpensive plugin towel warmers that aren’t going to break your budget by any stretch of the imagination, but they also have slightly more expensive hard-wired towel warmers that are going to give your bathroom that luxury resort or spa look and feel that you are after in the first place.

They also have some of the very best radiant heat towel warmers that use your hot water supply currently plumbed into your home, so these options are considerably more expensive since you have to hire plumbers to set them up correctly.

All things considered, this is definitely a brand that you are going to be able to trust and a brand that you are going to want to look closely at when you’re getting ready to make your new purchase.


A somewhat smaller company responsible for manufacturing great towel warmers, this company has really started to come into its own in just the last few years.

Interior designers have really started to push these towel warmers in the last 24 months or so, mostly because they have very clean aesthetic and designs and that make them desirable in modern bathrooms.

At the same time, these minimalist towel warmers are going to fit pretty much any bathroom aesthetic you can imagine. They are going to dramatically upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom spaces, but they are also going to be able to dramatically upgrade the value of your home and property as well.

Most of the towel warmer solutions that this company produces have been designed to take advantage of standard electrical warming systems, though there are some hydronic options out there as well. The hydronic options are going to be more expensive – for obvious reasons – but that doesn’t mean that they are always the best fit for your specific needs.

Many have found the electric towel warmers to be more than up to the task at hand. The hardwired electric towel warmers have the same kind of clean and finished look that the hydronic options do, but the plug in towel warmers also offer incredible portability that you aren’t going to be able to get out of the other two.

It really all comes down to what you are hoping to get out of your new towel warmer.



Certainly not a household name, the odds are pretty good that you wouldn’t have ever heard about this specific brand of towel warmer unless you were in the luxury spa and resort industry.

This company is responsible for manufacturing some of the most elegant towel warmers you have a chance to come across. All of the products that they manufacture are beautifully designed, specifically engineered to maximize both form and function, and are consistently rated as some of the best looking table warmer solutions on the planet.

They only use the highest end construction materials available, make sure to finish every one of their towel warmers to perfection, and are serious about bringing luxury looks and finishes into the bathroom at affordable price points.

More and more this company is starting to focus on the residential side of their business, and they have had tremendous success. Now it is possible to add the same kind of luxury look and feel you would get at a high end hotel or resort in your own bathroom – giving you the potential to really rest, relax, and recuperate with a toasty towel the moment that you step out of the bath or shower.

Elite Hot Towel Warmers


With a name like Elite you would expect these towel warmer solutions to be amongst the very best in the business, and you would not be incorrect in assuming so.

This company really strives to live up to their name and reputation, and they continually put out some of the best towel warmer products you’ll have the chance to purchase.

Many of the towel warmer solutions that they produce are designed to be as beautiful as they are energy efficient. This means that you are going to be able to run your towel warmers all day long if you like without breaking your bank account in the process.

Because their towel warmers are so energy efficient, you are going to want to think about not only using them to toast your towels before you jump in the shower, but to dry your coats and jackets, warm up your blankets and your bed clothes, and to make sure then your clothes for the day are wrinkle free.

These towel warmers bring a lot of extra functionality and utility to the table that you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy otherwise. Just being able to really leverage everything that these towel warmers offer makes them a worthwhile investment, and when you combine that with the extra value that they add to your property, investing in them becomes a no-brainer.

TMS Towel Warmers


The final company on our list of the seven best brands in the towel warmer industry today, these towel warmers are simple, straightforward, and very impressive.

You are going to find these towel warmers to fit almost any budget imaginable while at the same time offering the kind of power and performance you would expect from a product that cost two or three times as much.

Not only that, but you are also going to find that these rather simple and straightforward towel warmers offer you all of the functionality and utility that you are looking for in these products in the first place.

You aren’t going to have to cut any corners whatsoever when you decide to go in this direction.

Sure, you might not be able to get all of the bells and whistles that other towel warmers promise to bring to the table – but you aren’t ever going to have to worry about consistency in results or power and performance when you go in this direction.

These towel warmers are built to last, are built to make an impact immediately, and will certainly add quite a bit of value to your property when it comes time to sell.

These towel warmers are going to quickly become the centerpiece of your bathroom experience, and they are going to make sure that your life is at least a little bit more comfortable from here on out!

hydronic towel warmer

7 Amazing Benefits Hydronic Towel Warmers Bring to the Table

While there are a lot of different options available when it comes time to buy a towel warmer, the overwhelming majority of folks out there choose hydronic options for a bunch of reasons.

Yes, hydronic towel warmers are going to be a little bit more expensive to purchase and to have installed.

But when you decide to go in this direction you’re going to be taking advantage of some of the best towel warmers money can buy.

If you want to find out a little bit more about all of the big benefits that hydronic towel warmers provide, check out the information we have for you below.

First, these products are much more consistent

Of all the different towel warmer solutions out there, hydronic towel warmers are easily the most consistent.

You are going to find that these towel warmers are able to radiantly heat your entire unit without having to consume a lot of energy – but that they are also going to be able to dry and warm a larger amount of towels at the same time as well.

You’ll want to have the installation of these warmers taken care of by a professional plumber for the best results, but the finished product is going to be marvelous.

Second, they are a lot more reliable

Another big benefit that you are going to enjoy when you go in this direction is increased reliability. Hydronic towel warmers are a lot more reliable than electric towel warmers for a variety of different reasons.

For starters, electric towel warmers run off of electricity – and if your electrical system isn’t quite as efficient as it could be coming your towel warmers are really going to suffer. Not only that, but your power supply could go down at any point in time, and if that happens, you aren’t going to be able to use your towel warmers at all.

Combine that with the fact that these towel warmers can pretty easily short circuit or overload, and you’re looking at a world of headache and hassle most people would rather not have to deal with.

With hydronic towel warmers, that’s never going to be a problem.

They also heat up faster and longer

Thanks to the hot water that is pumped through your entire house, hydronic towel warmers are going to both heat up the towel warmer system a lot faster and then retain that same level of hot water for longer blocks of time.

Electric warmers are going to operate the same way that electric stoves do. They are going to radiate heat in waves to try and maintain the right temperature, but you are going to go through Hot and cold cycles.

Hydronic towel warmers are never going to force you to deal with this hassle and headache. Instead, you simply have to decide just how warm you want your towel warmer, and then you “set it and forget it”.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Hydronic towel warmers are much more efficient

Electricity is by its very nature pretty efficient, but the engineering that goes into these electrical towel warmers may or may not be the most efficient things on the block.

This means that you are going to deal with all kinds of bottlenecks, and those bottlenecks are going to really cut down on the efficiency of your towel warmer. In turn, that means you are going to consume a lot more energy than you would have otherwise – really jacking up your monthly energy bills along the way.

With a hydronic heater, however, that just isn’t going to be a problem. Once the hot water starts flowing heavy hydronic technology takes over, and you don’t have any deficiencies that you have to worry about.

You will enjoy an improvement in the overall capacity

When you decide to move forward with the best hydronic towel warmers available, you are going to be able to really improve the amount of capacity you get out of this technology.

Electric towel warmers are rather limited in the amount of towels that they are able to warm or dry at any one particular point in time. On the other hand, hydronic towel warmers do not have that kind of capacity limit.

You are most likely going to be able to pretty easily handle four or five towels drying at the exact same time – and will definitely be able to warm all of your blankets and bed clothes, dry off all of your outerwear and jackets, and even keep your small sized bedrooms nice and toasty when you go in this direction.

They also offer a much cleaner and minimalist kind of look

It is critically important that you choose a hydronic towel warmer system that matches your bathroom aesthetic or gives you the kind of look that you are after.

There are a lot of different styles of towel warmer available on the market right now, but not all of them are going to contribute positively to the final design choices you’ve made in your bathroom.

Hydronic towel warmers are usually very simple, very straightforward, and elegantly designed. This means that they are going to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to improving the look and feel of your bathroom.

You really can’t go wrong when you decide to go in this direction!

The best hydronic towel warmer does double duty as a radiator

Of course, as we mentioned above, if you are bathroom is on the smaller side of things you’re going to be able to use your hydronic towel warmer as a traditional radiator to keep things nice and toasty.

Because the technology used in traditional radiators and hydronic water heaters is basically identical, you really have nothing to worry about. The system is going to work exactly as you would imagine it to, and because you are going to be using the hot water that is running throughout your home, you aren’t going to have to worry about any dramatically higher energy or water bills, neither.

Obviously, you can heat big sized bathrooms when you go with a hydronic towel warmer – but smaller sized bathrooms and especially guest bathrooms should be warmed with no difficulty by this technology.

All things considered, you would have to be at least a little bit crazy not to invest in a hydronic towel warmer if you’re looking to add one of these amenities to your bathroom.

They offer a lot of significant benefits that you just won’t find with other towel warmer options. Definitely give them your consideration, and research your choices thoroughly before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

why wall mount towel warmers

9 Reasons Why You Should Install a Wall Mounted Towel Warmer Today

If you have been trying to figure out whether or not now is the time to add a wall mounted towel warmer to your bathroom, hopefully we are going to be able to help you out.

We can tell you with absolute certainty that if you are looking to enjoy long and luxurious showers or baths in your home without ever having to worry about grabbing a cold towel afterwards and completely ruining the mood, you are making the right decision.

But there are a lot of other reasons that you’ll want to think about getting your hands on a wall mounted towel warmer today – so let’s dive right in!

You will be able to toast all of your towels

The biggest and most obvious benefit to investing in a wall mounted towel is that you are never going to have to worry about cold or damp towels ever again.

If you have ever had a fantastic shower or bath experience completely destroyed by ice cold towels or damp towels really breaking the mood, you know just how beneficial one of these towel warmers can be.

You can also dry all of your wet jackets & outerwear as well

Another big benefit is that you are going to be able to immediately get out of your towel warmer has nothing to do with towels and everything to do with wet winter clothes!

Imagine just how much better your life is going to be when all of your wet or damp jackets & outerwear is completely dry and toasty without having to throw them in the dryer.

You can warm up your blankets and sheets

Of course, you are going to be able to throw your already dry blankets and sheets on to those towel warmers as well.

If you have ever had the opportunity to slide into blankets and sheets that have just come out of the dryer, you know exactly how comfortable this can be. Well, imagine that happens every night for you from here on out!

You kill a lot of bacteria before it gets the chance to breed

Alright, this might get a little bit funky here for a second, but stick with us.

You see, bacteria absolutely loves to grow and multiply in damp areas – and your towels that you have just used are going to be one of their favorite breeding grounds.

This is why you’re going to want to make sure that you put an end to all of that bacteria before it even has a chance to breed and grow.

Simply use your towel warmer to dry out those towels right after the shower and you won’t have anything to worry about.

They will dramatically lighten your laundry loads

Just think about how much easier it is going to be to do your laundry all the time when you don’t ever have to worry about washing or drying your towels anymore.

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t!

A high quality one will dramatically improve the value of your home

There are going to be a lot of different options available for you on the market when it comes time to purchase your new towel warmer.

By making the decision to invest in a top quality product, one that is installed directly into your walls and mounted perfectly by professionals, you are going to be able to dramatically increase the value of your property.

Think of it like this. By making this savvy investment, you are essentially transforming a traditional bathroom into a luxurious spa. This is definitely something that potential buyers are going to really fall in love with.

Wall mounted towel warmers look fantastic

There is just no getting around this point – wall mounted towel warmers look a lot better than those that are just kind of plugged into the wall over in the corner.

Obviously, these kinds of towel warmers are going to cost a little bit of extra money because of the installation, but you will have a much better bathroom look and feel. And your guests will be amazed when they see your design!

If you want a long term solution in your bathroom, a wall mounted towel warmer is the only way to go!

Wall mounted towel warmers perform better

Because they are mounted directly to the wall, and because they are always hard wired into your electricity or plumbed directly into your water supply, wall mounted towel warmers simply perform better than plug-in units.

If you need to get the best of the best when it comes to performance out of your new towel warmer, there’s just no other option. Wall mounting is the only way to go.

Wall mounted towel warmer tends to last a lot longer

At the end of the day, a wall mounted towel warmer is going to have to put up with a lot less incidental or accidental damage and contact.

Because of this, they are going to be able to last a lot longer than those that are plugged directly into an outlet – giving you years and years of extra use and utility that you probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of plugged in units.


All things considered, there are a lot of significant benefits to choosing a wall mounted towel warmer system compared to all of the other options out there.

Though you are going to have to really think about which one meets your needs and your specific budget, if you have the opportunity to go with a wall-mounted solution or something else, you’ll want to tend to go with the wall mounted product 99.99% of the time.

They just bring a lot more to the table than anything else available on the market right now. When it comes time to shop for a new towel warmer, they are going to want to be the options that you spend the most amount of time researching.

keep towel warmers in good conditions

15 Tips to Keep Your Towel Warmer in Good Condition

If you have purchased a towel warmer to help make your life a little bit more luxurious in the mornings or after work, you know that it is one of the smartest investment you can make in your bathroom.

At the same time, you might be looking for ways to help you keep your towel warmer looking brand new for years and years to come.

If so, you have come to the right place!

Here are 15 things you can do to keep your tell them looking brand new from here on out.

Get your hands on a good towel warmer to begin with

It becomes a lot easier to take care of your towel warmer when you spend a little bit of extra money to get your hands on a good one in the first place. This is a savvy investment, so make sure that you are making the most of it!

Research all of the care tips and tricks for your particular unit

The odds are pretty good that your specific make and model towel warmer is going to have some pretty specific care and maintenance tips and tricks you’ll need to be aware of. Research these before you purchase and you’ll be good to go!

Have professionals install your towel warmer

If you are going to go with a hardwired electrical towel warmer or a towel warmer that needs to be plumbed into your water supply, you need to hire professionals to get the job done right the first time around.

Upgrade your electrical service

Even though your new towel warmer may not draw too terribly much more power than you expect, it is always a good idea to upgrade the electrical service in your bathroom to make sure that nothing goes wrong. This is the one room in the house that you don’t want any accidents to happen – water and electricity just don’t mix.

Have your new towel warmer mounted to the wall

A lot of towel warmers deal with wear and tear simply because they are down on the ground where they can be kicked, dented, and have things dropped on them. Mount your towel warmer to the wall and you won’t have anything to worry about.

If using a hydronic warmer, flush the system from time to time

If you choose to go with a hydronic towel warmer set up you’re going to want to flush the entire system from time to time. There is going to be a guide included with your towel warmer or found online to help you do this.

Make sure to unplug your warmer when not in use

A towel warmer that plugs into your wall is not something that you’re going to want to leave plugged in all the time. It will continue to consume energy 24/7, and may even present a safety risk if it is left plugged in.

Do not overload the towel warmer

All towel warmers come with a recommended weight limit, and you are going to want to make sure that you are staying well within those restrictions. If you overload your towel warmer the results aren’t going to be as good, and you risk damaging the system.

Install a timer at the plug or outlet

A great way to make sure that you aren’t running any risks with plug in towel warmers is to install a third-party timer.

These pieces of technology are going to make sure that you are and ever at risk of your towel warmer burning down the house – they will shut off the juice for you at a specific time or after a specific amount of time has passed.

Keep your towel warmer away from running water

This should be pretty much common sense, as you’ll want to keep your electrical appliances as far away from running water as possible.

Clean all of the towel warmer surfaces regularly

If you want your towel warmer to look better than brand new all the time, you are going to need to make sure that it stays clean and shiny. Regular cleanings will do the trick.

Get your hands on two different towel warmers

If you really want to keep your towel warmer looking brand new for years and years to come, simply lighten its workload by investing in a second towel warmer.

Make sure that you’re using your towel warmer exactly as intended

While it can be quite tempting for one to use your towel warmer as a multi tool in the bathroom, you want to make sure that you are only using it as intended to avoid doing any damage to the warmer that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Keep your plugs and cords out of the way

Loose hanging plugs in the bathroom are always a dangerous situation, especially when they are hooked up to appliances like a towel warmer. Make sure that the plug and the cords are tucked out of the way when not in use.

Polish the finish from time to time

You will be able to dramatically elevate the overall look of your towel warmer considerably when you polish it up. Brass, chrome, and stainless finishes polish perfectly – so give it a shot and see how it comes out!

All in all, it is going to be a lot easier to keep your new towel warmer looking brand new and in perfect condition. Just use the tips and tricks we have included for you above and you won’t have anything to worry about!

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

You are going to be able to keep your towel warmer looking great, continue to get incredible results from the towel warmer, and will be able to make sure that its value to your bathroom into your property is never diminished.

Combine that with the fact that it is going to make your life a lot easier – and certainly a lot more relaxing – and you have nothing to worry about.

What could be any better than that?

safety tips towel warmer

10 Safety Tips All Towel Warmer Owners Need to Know About

If you own a towel warmer and want to be sure that you are using it as safely as possible so then there’s no risk for any potential dangerous situations happening, you are going to want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we have for you below.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you have a towel warmer in your bathroom. While the overwhelming majority of people that have these incredible luxuries in their bathrooms won’t have to deal with any sticky situations, if you want to be completely safe – and if you want to make sure that everyone you care about and that Home is also safe – you need to follow these safety tips and tricks.

Regularly check your power cords for any signs of obvious damage

It is absolutely critical that you are sure to check your power cords that are responsible for bringing your towel warmer to life for obvious signs of damage or wear and tear.

The overwhelming majority of sticky situations that happen when electricity is introduced into a wet and humid area like in a bathroom happened because of power cords that are somehow compromised.

Avoid this situation altogether by keeping a lookout for these problems and addressing them before they become catastrophic issues.

Only use GFCI outlets that you plug your towel warmer into

GFCI outlets are going to keep your towel warmer grounded, something that is absolutely critical when you’re talking about a room that is filled with all kinds of water dangers.

Traditional outlets just aren’t going to provide you with the kind of protection that you need, which is why all major building codes require GFCI outlets within 3 feet of any water source.

Seriously. If you haven’t taken the time to upgrade to a GFCI outlet, now is your chance. This is something that absolutely must be done, or you are going to be rolling the dice every time you use your towel warmer.

Be careful of power cords that are barely plugged in

From time to time, people are going to either unplug and then replug your towel warmer in or they are simply going to trip over or get stuck on your power cord.

This is almost always going to cause the plug to come at least a little bit out of the outlet itself – and that can spell danger for you and your loved ones.

You need to make sure that your plug is always perfectly seated into the outlet, and that there is nothing to worry about as far as electricity jumping from connection to connection and possibly causing a fire.

Never overload wall outlets or extension cords

You might not have a tremendous amount of options when it comes time to plug in your new towel warmer, but you would make a major mistake to overload any of the outlets that are currently full or to run extra extension cords or power strips to gain more flexibility.

Yes, you might not realize that you are putting as much stress on your electrical system as you are – but that’s how major accidents happen, and that’s when you find yourself in some very sticky situations.

Make sure not to overload your outlets or you are extension cords. Stick to only three or four appliances on a single household circuit at any one particular point in time.

Beware of hot outlets

If at any point in time you start to notice that your outlets are becoming warm to the touch, are steaming or smoking, or are disfiguring the faceplates because of the heat produced in that outfit you need to immediately shut down any of the appliances you have plugged in and then throw the circuit breaker for that circuit.

A lot of the electrical fires that happen in houses today happened because home owners do not notice a hot situation happening ahead of time. If you want to make sure that you get out in front of these issues, you are going to need to make sure that you are regularly touching your outlet boxes to make sure that there isn’t anything to worry about.

Of course, don’t touch anything if you are wet

At the same time, you need to make sure that you aren’t ever touching anything that runs off of electricity if you are still wet.

A lot of people think that they are going to be alright if they don’t touch things with wet hands while their body is still wet, but nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to make sure that you are completely dry when you are plugging things then, when you are unplugging appliances coming and when you are actually operating something like a towel warmer.

If you aren’t completely dry, you run the risk of creating a really dangerous and highly conductive situation. You are much more likely to get zapped.

Replace outlet covers that are obviously damaged

Your outlet covers orange just designed to keep your home looking clean and organized. They are also designed to make sure that nothing gets into the outlet boxes themselves, and that’s why you are going to want to make sure that they are always in perfect condition.

Even slightly cracked outlet covers can cause some sticky situations, simply because dust, debris, and especially water can penetrate into the outlet box. If that happens, you’re going to be in big trouble.

Whatever you do, never use water to try and put out electrical fires

One of the biggest safety mistakes you could make if you have an electrical fire in the bathroom is to throw water on the situation trying to put it out.

That isn’t how things are going to shake out.

Instead, that water is going to conduct electricity all the way back to the source where it came from – namely you – and you are going to get hit by a big old bolt of electricity.

Obviously, that isn’t exactly ideal – and it may also cause the fire to spread, an even more dangerous situation.

If your bathroom circuits keep tripping, you want to get an electrician to look things over

Circuit breakers in your home are going to do their very best to keep you safe and protected, but they are only going to be valuable if you pay attention to the warning signs that they are sending you.

If your circuit breakers responsible for the bathroom keep tripping tell me you need to contact professional electricians ASAP to have them come and look at your situation.

Only they are going to be able to make sure that you are in living with a potentially dangerous situation on your hands.

Consider having experts install your new towel warmer

If you want to make sure that you are completely safe and sound when it comes to having a towel warmer installed in your bathroom, you’ll want to think about having professionals handle all of the heavy lifting.

Expert electricians are going to be able to have that your new towel warmer setup installed in record time – and they will also be able to hardwire things so that you don’t have to worry about most of the safety concerns we mentioned above.

At the end of the day, it is certainly something to consider. Especially if you are serious about your safety.

portable towel warmer

How to Buy Portable Towel Warmers – 10 Additional Things to Keep in Mind

There are a bunch of different things you need to think about when it comes time to purchase a portable towel warmer.

A lot of folks out there getting ready to make this purchase pull the trigger on a deal before they do any real research or consider exactly what they are getting into, and then they worry or wonder how about whether or not they made the right decision.

If you want to be 100% certain that this doesn’t happen to you, you need to pay attention to the 10 tips and tricks we have included do for you below.

Shall we dive right in?

Capacity is critical when purchasing a portable towel warmer

You need to make sure that you are getting your hands on a portable towel warmer that is still going to be able to handle the kind of workload you anticipate throwing at it on a regular basis.

Many of the best portable towel warmer options out there can effortlessly handle warming and drying between 3 and 4 full sized towels at once – usually more than enough for most people’s needs.

Even still, you may still want to be sure that you are going to be purchasing a towel warmer that offers just the right amount of capacity without bulking things up and ruining the portability feature of the warmer you want.

It’s important to find a towel warmer that matches your decor and aesthetic

Even if you anticipate moving your portable towel warmer around quite a bit, you are still going to want to try and find a towel warmer with a simple and clean aesthetic of that will fit pretty much any room or décor imaginable.

Obviously, this is going to require a little bit of actual research on your behalf, but because so many of the best portable towel warmer options out there have been designed to be as “design neutral” as possible, you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Energy efficiency is a big priority when purchasing a portable towel warmer

Because the majority of portable towel warmer solutions out there take advantage of plugged in electrical power sources, they aren’t exactly the most energy efficient appliances on the block.

Thankfully though, many designers and manufacturers have really pushed their engineering teams to come up with more and more efficient solutions. Today you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an energy efficient portable warmer that still suits your needs.

Really consider where you are going to be using your new towel warmer

Many times we want to purchase a portable towel warmer so that we can move it from the bathroom to the closet as necessary, but sometimes we need to purchase portable towel warmers that we can take on the road with us as well.

If you are going to be using you are portable towel warmer pretty much anywhere and everywhere you travel, you are going to want to make sure that you get your hands on the most compact unit available.

On the other hand, if you are only going to be using this portable towel warmer in a couple of rooms in your home, you might be able to beef up the capacity it can handle and sacrifice of the contact form factor a little bit.

What kind of special features do you want your towel warmer to have?

There are quite a few special features that you might decide to take advantage of when it comes time to purchase a portable towel warmer.

You might want your new purchase to be able to handle bed clothes and towels, you might want your new purchase to be able to handle damp or wet clothes and jackets, and you may want your new purchase to be able to turn itself off so that you don’t have to worry about flipping a switch when it’s done drying.

It’s all going to depend upon what you’re looking for and what you hope to get out of this purchase.

Safety features are paramount

Speaking of specific features that you want to look for, you need to be certain that you have purchased a portable towel warmer that is as safe as they get.

At the very least, you need to make sure that you are getting your hands on a portable towel warmer that includes an automatic shut off solution or a timer switch that kills the juice to the warming element after a specific amount of time.

This isn’t the kind of thing that you ever want to forget about leaving on, as it can put you in some pretty dangerous situations.

Consider the extra utility you’re hoping to get out of your towel warmer

As we mentioned above, the best towel warmer solutions on the market – including portable table warmers – offer a lot more extra utility than just being able to handle warming up a couple of towels or washcloths at a time.

You might need to search a little bit longer for portable towel warmer that offer improved utility that can handle have your work clothes or larger quantities of towels, but if that’s something that you want your new purchase to include you need to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you are after.

Portability is absolutely everything

Believe it or not, there are quite a few portable towel warmers out there that aren’t all that portable at all.This may or may not be a problem for you.

If you want to travel with your towel warmer, you are obviously going to want to get your hands on the most compact and energy efficient unit you can find.

If you just want to be able to lug your towel warmer from room to room when necessary, the ultimate in portability probably isn’t going to be all that big of a deal.

Think about space considerations before you purchase a towel warmer

There are a couple of different things you need to really think about when purchasing a towel warmer, and we have outlined many of them above.

However, you really need to make sure that you have enough space for even the most portable towel warmer before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase. Even the most portable units are going to eat up a bit of floor space, and you have to be sure that you are going to have the space you need to safely operate one of these units.

Outline your budget in advance

The best towel warmers on the market are going to command a top-tier price tag. If you want to be certain that you are purchasing a piece of technology worth owning, a portable towel warmer that will meet and exceed your expectations, and a towel warmer that isn’t going to disappoint, you have to expect to spend at least a little bit of money and not just go with a bargain basement products.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank account to get your hands on a top quality portable solution. A little bit of research is all that’s necessary to find great deals on the very best towel warmers available.

towel warmers in europe

7 Reasons Why Towel Warmers Are So Popular in Europe

A hygienic lifestyle is very important for everyone.  People have to stay hygienic and clean. It protects us from many types of bacteria that can create several diseases.

So, people have to clean their all things that they use regularly.  Here, we can remember about the towel. This is a basic thing that everyone has to use. People need to keep it fresh and clean. For making the process easy, we can think about the towel warmer.

The towel warmer is a very good option that helps us to use a fresh towel every day. A huge number of people use it. In Europe, towel warmers are very popular. And there are many reasons that attract people to buy it and to use it.

They use towel warmer for many purposes

People may think that towel warmer is produced only to dry towels. But, this is not the truth. They can use it for various purposes. It is easy with these warmers for drying hand-washable clothes and delicate garments such as bathing suits or lingerie. It helps to warm their earmuffs, gloves, winter coats, mittens and scarf before going out into the cold weather. People get all these types of facilities, so they want to purchase it.

They love the flexibility in designs

Towel warmers are designed in a different way. There are some special racks that can be heated with the power of electric. It helps to keep their clothes and towels consistently heated. People of Europe like this advantage because they know they will get their clothes and towel warm all the time.

Because these products help keep their bathrooms bacteria-free

Many people have small bathroom and their ventilation process is also not good. In this situation, damp bathrooms and damp clothes can increase the growth of bacteria. So, this is very important to keep their bathroom fresh and bacteria free. In this case, Europeans prefer to use towel warmer that helps them to prevent that place from getting damp.

They can use fresh towels thanks to the device

Towel is used for taking bath so it is very necessary to use a bacteria free towel. For this reason, people have to focus on the matter how to keep their towel fresh. If they do not dry their towel after use it, they cannot avoid the bacteria that increase in their towel.

It’s pretty effortless to install most of these products

The process of install this product is very easy. Anyone can do it. At the same time, the procedure of using it is also simple. So, people do not think much and they can buy it.

These towel warmers are cost-effective as well

People do not have to pay a huge amount of electric bill for this purpose. These are produced in a way that helps to save their electric bill.

And finally, the products help people save money

Individuals send their clothes and towels to the laundry for making them dry. In this purpose, they have to spend some money. Comparing to this laundry cost, they have to spend less money, if they use it.

These are the reasons for that, persons in Europe like to buy these towel warmers.

benefits of having towel warmers in bathroom

3 Big Benefits of Having a Good Towel Warmer in Your Bathroom

After buying a house or at the time of remodeling a bathroom, people think how to decorate their bathroom. They try to make a list which products necessary for their new and perfect bathroom.

Here, they should think about the benefits of towel warmers and they should buy it. People get several benefits if they purchase a towel warmer. There are various types of designs that are available in the market. They can select any one.

Sometimes people think about the price of this towel warmer and they do not want to buy it. But the positive thing is that they will find a large variety of towel warmer price. So, this is not a problem to purchase a towel warmer for their bathroom.

And here are the three benefits of having a towel warmer that you should be aware of.

They help you feel relaxed even more after taking a shower

A fresh and warm towel is need after taking a bath. If a towel is warm, it can give a spa like feeling.

This is quite difficult to use a cold towel in the winter season after taking a shower. It does not give a good feeling. The easiest solution is to use a towel warmer and use a warm towel.

It will offer them a refreshing feeling. For increasing the feeling of relaxation, anyone can think of buying this. It makes the bathroom design perfect.

They help you get rid of damp towels forever

People use a towel to clean themselves and to get refreshment.

So, it is very important to use a clean and fresh towel. In this situation, they have to remember wet or damp towel has bacteria that are not good for anyone’s skin.

If they use towel warmers and keep their wet towel there, they can avoid this situation and they can also use a bacteria-free towel.

Another important matter is people get theawful smell from their damp towel, so if they can keep them warm, they do not have to get this smell.

They help make the bathroom bacteria-free

Towel warmer can be used for many reasons.

People get many advantages from this product. There are several types of towel warmers that are produced in a different way. These products have the quality to keep the bathroom warm. This is very beneficial in the winter season.

The towel warmer is also very important for those people who have a small bathroom. It helps to destroy the bacteria from the bathroom. There are various types of designs.

They have to choose among them. It will increase the importance of their bathroom. People can purchase modern style or simple style based on their bathroom design.

These are the main reasons for that a large number of people prefer to buy such product and want to get its benefits. But, except these, there also many benefits that people can get from it.

They can save the money that they spend when they send their clothes to the laundry. The process of installation and maintenance are also easy. So, everyone should purchase this towel warmer and should experience its numerous benefits.

towel warmers make home a better place

5 Reasons Why Towel Warmers Make Your Home a Better Place

The towel warmer is a necessary thing that people decide to buy after buying a new house.

For getting a perfect design, people have to buy a towel warmer.

Sometimes when individuals think to remodel their bathroom, they go to search a perfect and advanced towel warmer.

It can make their new home better and attractive.

Expect this there are many reasons that attract people to buy such a product.

They help you relax at home easily

It is an amazing feeling to use a warm towel in winter after taking shower.

Not only in the winter season,but also this is helpful for all times because warm towel can give a refreshing feeling.

If anyone wants to experience a feeling of spa, he or she can use this towel warmer.

People can start their day with this refreshing experience.

For making their house a better place, they have to purchase this product.

Get rid of bacteria worry in your bathroom forever

This is quite natural if individuals cannot keep their bathroom clean, they have to face the problem of bacteria.

Using a towel warmer is an easy solution.

If they set it in their bathroom, they will get a bacteria-free place.

In the market, they will get various types of towel warmers that have the features to keep their bathroom warm.

Everyone should remember that wet towel can increase the bacteria and this is very harmful to the body.

So, they have to be serious about the fact of keeping their towel bacteria-free.

The best way is to keep their towel on the rack of the towel warmer.

It will help to dry that towel. For getting a bacteria-free house, this is important to have a towel warmer.

Experience a warm bathroom like never before

Some towel warmers offer a facility to make the bathroom warm all the time.

People experience this warmness when they go to take a shower.

This warmness helps to destroy the bacteria from their bathroom and keep that place fresh for long.

It makes anyone‘s home a better place and attract their guests.

Without this product, a bathroom design is incomplete.

One device – multiple purposes

A towel warmer can do many things and can be used for many reasons.

People can use it to dry any type of hand washable cloth or delicate garment.

Using this product anyone can warm their scarf, earmuffs, winter coats, gloves and mittens.

They make your home look much better overall

There are many varieties in the market, so this is not a difficult thing to buy a perfect towel warmer for their bathroom for making the house better.

People who are searching for modern design can buy warmer with clean and simple lines.

If they want to choose a classic design, they can purchase arched designs.

So, now the time has come to decorate their bathroom with attractive and advanced towel warmer.

These are the reasons that lead people to purchase such product for their bathroom and to make their house different from others.

They have to select the best product and best design to get a perfect look and to get its benefits.