5 Brilliant Ideas for a Small Bathroom You Can Try Today

small bathroom design ideas

Additional Storage

Do you have enough storage space in your small bathroom? You may not think so now. However, if you look at your bathroom in an imaginative, resourceful and inspired way, you will see that there is a lot you can do to create extra storage space.

Add storage space by using:

  • Shelves installed in the corners of the bathroom
  • Laundry basket placed beneath the sink (You can use rustic charming sink skirts for added flair)
  • Spice rack on the wall adjacent to the mirror (perfect for little things like a hairbrush, lipstick, a pair of scissors, shaver)
  • Unobtrusive compartment close to the toilet for your plunger and other cleaning supplies
  • Small charming baskets hanging on your towel racks
  • Additional towel racks attached on the bathroom door
  • A small functional plate holder installed on one side of the sink – ideal for storing items (make-up, soap, sundries) which you usually dump on the countertop
  • An artistically designed wooden bookshelf installed on top of the door frames
  • Modern floating shelves
  • Bright multi-colored storage ladders
  • Colorful wall cabinetry extending as high as the ceiling where you can store spare personal hygiene supplies and cleaning tools and supplies (tall vertical storage cabinets draw the eyes and gives the illusion of space)
  • Wall recesses to hold toiletries and art objects (adds visual interest and frees up counters)
  • Open storage shelves to hold large storage baskets, folded towels, and small bathroom appliances

Focus on Functionality

Focus on design elements that are useful and practical. Get rid of unwanted clutter – knick-knacks that serve no real purpose. Store extra personal hygiene products inside cabinets; do not use premium counter space to display them.

Put glass jars on open floating shelves. You can use the jars to keep cotton balls, toothpicks and other small items.

Put a hamper under the sink for your dirty towels and clothes.

Stackable baskets are useful and practical. Put them under cabinets or on open shelves.

A Touch of Class, Comfort and Function

Add a towel warmer to your bathroom. You get warm towels anytime you need them. You prevent mildew and you give your small bathroom a distinct touch of class, comfort and warmth.

There are many designs to choose from – from stark modern designs with clean simple lines to rich and elaborate designs with intricate lines.


Opt for white, a color usually associated with purity and cleanliness. White and neutral tones add depth and make it possible for you to play around with different patterns and textures. Soft pastels are easy on the eye; they are also soothing and restful colors.

Put in pops of colors from multi-colored hand towels, textured rugs and bathroom tiles to add flair and create ambiance.

Hang robes or towels of bold lively colors to add personality to your small bathroom.

Use chic and unique accessories like soap dishes for a stylish, elegant touch.

Natural Lighting

If the windows in your small bathroom are not sufficient to bring in enough natural light, you can install a sun lighting tube or a skylight to do that.

A sun lighting tube is installed on the roof and passes down into the ceiling of your small bathroom. Clean natural sunlight bounces down into the bathroom through reflective material.

A skylight is an opening on the ceiling or roof – a window on the roof that is fitted with glass.