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10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Good Shower Everyday

There are about a million and one different reasons as to why you’re going to want to take a good long shower each and every morning, and though a lot of them have to do with keeping clean – and smelling fresh – there are a bunch of other benefits you’re going to be able to enjoy as well.

We break down 10 of the best reasons to shower every day below!

1) There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with a great shower

morning shower

Look, no matter how the day before (or the night before) worked out for you, each and every one of us need a little bit of help jumpstarting our morning. It really doesn’t get any better than a nice cup of coffee and a good long hot (or cold) shower!

2) It’s a great way to relax after a long day at work

shower after work

On the flip side, we are all dealing with a lot more stress and pressure than we are probably used to – and it’s only getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Stepping into a nice warm shower after a long stressful day at work is the best way to relax, unwind, and just kind of let it all out. The worry and stress of the previous day just seems to head down the drain with all the warm water that cascades off your body.

3) It’s the ONLY way to get the smell of the gym off of you

shower after workout

If you’re like millions and millions of people all over the world that are busy getting in solid work at the gym every day, keeping yourself healthy and looking your very best, your cranking up quite a bit of sweat and more than a little bit of “funk” at the same time.

The only way – the ONLY way – to get rid of the smell of the gym on your body (regardless of what you may have heard from those AXE body spray commercials) is to spend a little bit of time underneath the shower.

4) You’ll have a chance to clear your mind and open up “shower thoughts”

thinking under shower

Each and every single person has had some of their best thoughts, some of their best ideas, and some of their best breakthroughs standing underneath the head of a shower as the hot water just comes pouring down.

There’s something about the silence that sets us up perfectly to clear our minds, to open up our creativity, and to just kind of work through any and all of the issues that have been bugging us down for a while.

If you need a big breakthrough, give the shower a try!

5) Your skin and your hair will thank you

hair washing

Although there are some that aren’t all that crazy about showering every day because they think it’s bad for your skin or your hair, the truth of the matter is daily showers aren’t ever going to cause you any trouble unless you’re using heavy-duty cleaners every time you step under the water.

So skip the super shampoo or the body washes every other time you climb underneath the shower head and you won’t have anything to worry about at all!

In fact, your skin and your hair will be in even better shape if you pay attention to this advice.

6) The shower is the perfect place to speed up recovery and breakdown tightness in your body

relaxing shower

There’s a reason why elite level athletes all over the world make their first trip into the locker room a trip to the shower, then the hot job, and then an ice bath – and maybe back around again after that.

Water has an amazing ability to help speed up rest and recovery, as well as breakdown all of the kind of tightness in tension you’ve likely built up over time. Hot water and cold water, when used in conjunction with another in the shower, can really help you breathe new life into your body, speed up recovery come and help you eliminate aches and pains.

7) You’ll be able to “get away from it all” for at least a little while

quiet moment when showering

It’s almost impossible to get a little bit of quiet time these days.

Almost all of us have ridiculously fast paced lifestyles, are always attached to a mobile device, and really don’t have even the littlest bit of time for ourselves. The shower gives you a chance to step out of the rest of the world for 15 minutes or so and just kind of center yourself.

8) It’s the next best thing to a hot tub

shower and bath

If you have ever spent any time in a boiling hot on top, just sitting and relaxing away, you know exactly how beneficial a super hot shower can be.

Resting underneath a pounding shower head that is pouring hot water all over your body is going to give you a big boost, but it’s going to work even better if you hit yourself with a blast of cold water before you slide under the hottest water you can handle.

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

9) You’ll feel more confident attacking the day after a nice long shower

good morning shower

Everybody feels a lot better when they have taken a shower.

People feel cleaner, people feel more organized, and people feel more clearheaded. There’s just something about the shower in the ritualistic process of washing everything away that gives us a second chance to start the day fresh again that’s really rewarding.

The odds are pretty good that you were going to feel super confident attacking the day after nice long hot shower!

10) You’ll get the chance to wrap yourself in a nice toasty towel

wrapping towel after shower

With the help of the best towel warmers money can buy, you’re going to be able to wrap up each and every single shower with a nice fluffy and toasty towel. You can say goodbye to damp or chilly towels (especially in the colder weather), and start your day off the right way with a beautifully toasted towel courtesy of your new towel warmer!